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  1. Which did you prefer? I preferred the Two Towers, so looking forward to the last part.
  2. Don't you just love 'em. Talking, bumbling about, shouting, not watching where they're going, terrorising in groups, etc....
  3. I'm quite smelly anyway - all those pheromones!
  4. Sad, but necessary. I think that one of the reasons people are soooo into winter sports much more than other things (relatively) is the fact that it is seasonal - there's that whole build up and anticipation going on from September onwards (earlier) that is all part of the fun. Don't you think so?
  5. I skied when I was a teenager, and a few times before I got here. Then I took up snowboarding this season here in Japan, and went about 5 times. I hope to go just one more time to enjoy the spring riding.
  6. I'm going back for the first time since I got here last winter in August.
  7. I live near Osaka, working around the Kansai region. Howdy all.
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