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  1. Yes I really like that one - more than cheeseman does actually.
  2. So cute me jane! He seems ever so fashionable as well I'll have to try and get some photos of our lovelies as well sometime.
  3. We bought a kit and have got a stock of water all ready. I really hope I never experience anything like that though (of course), it looks dreadful.
  4. Yes smoothies are good. We like to make them and cheeseboy loves them. Throw a bit of cheese in too for that extra special-ness.
  5. Thank you, but I prefer my current avatar actually.
  6. Will that be Fish or beef, sir? (Are they serving any cheese?)
  7. We often feel that cheese is almost a language in itself. It's fun for all as well as being delicious and nutritious.
  8. I can't believe that about Harada. Who is the fool responsible for that mistake. Perhaps a chunk of cheese might have helped as well.
  9. Myself and cheeseman are watching the half pipe at the moment on the Olympics. It looks really fun! (Was that Japanese guy listening to music? It really looked like he was wearing headphones).
  10. I always think September is still really hot sava. It is only when it gets to late in the month that I feel it cools down a bit and really only October when things start getting comfortable again. And of course I suppose it will depend a lot on where you are as well.
  11. Yes gamera-san, do tell us about your cheesefan facilities Interesting story by the way. Good for you!
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