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  1. maoriboy

    Galaxy Tab

    Brilliant piece of kit and had the pleasure of being at a Vodafone function here in NZ and got to play with it..Lustful piece of kit it is and I so want it. No word on the price here though unfortunately :-(
  2. Bit late to this thread. Crazy stuff done whilst drinking?? I have lots of stories but the best one happened a few years ago whilst still at university. Went out with a few friends to see a band play. Got to the venue really early and discovered that the bar next door had an all you can drink nite for the guys..only rule being that you had to be wearing a dress of some kind. Mate and I went down to the nearby clothing recycle bin , where I held him by his legs whilst he fished around for some dresses for the 4 of us. Got changed behind a bush and went in. Lots of beers later one of my mates was dancing on a table, fell off a karate kicked some poor girl in the back...he was escorted out very quickly and we decided to rock out at the concert. After the concert, we started walking home when we saw a guy getting into his car. We asked him where he was going and he said "home". "Us too" we replied and we caught a ride back to my place where he proceeded to show us his drug takings for the night (yep full on drug dealer) and smoked some wacky bakky with him. kicked him out at 5 am and went to check on my karate kicking mate upstairs.....lying naked on his bed and his ceiling (yes ceiling) covered in vomit. Well his entire room was splattered. Turns out he lost his wallet and pants somewhere in town and was given a ride by a cop. Surprised he wasnt arrested.
  3. War and Satisfy My Soul are my 2 top picks. But really there is nothing better than listening to some bob while laxing out at the beach on a warm summers day.
  4. maoriboy

    Wii vs PS3 vs Xbox360

    Wow, amazed to see this thread is still going strong. Been away for nearly 4 years(?) and it was going then. Cool :-)
  5. maoriboy

    Apple tablet: The iPad

    Ipads were released here in NZ 2 weeks ago and boy did they sell. The IPhone 4 release however, sucked the mighty hairy gonads. Limited stock, customers waiting in line outside vodafone stores from 3am only to be told "sorry we have no stock". Then getting a text saying that limited stock would be available from lunchtime. Maybe a dozen stores countrywide actually had stock. What a complete balls up. Hahahaha.
  6. maoriboy

    Do you take work home?

    As a bar manager I frequently take home work with me...usually a dozen of watever beer has taken my fancy, or perhaps a nice bourbon, and work on those for a bit :-)
  7. Maybe a good question to ask is...Have you watched porn with a group of people? Cant imagine that would be much fun..a bunch of guys/girls sitting around watching a porno and getting...ummm worked up
  8. maoriboy

    2GB > 4GB

    Yeah its like 2pints said. Most Windows Vista editions are 32bit so physically cannot utilise more than 3gig of ram. And yep if you have 4gig then 1gig is sitting there doing nothing. You can get Windows Vista 64bit editions (think the ultimate version comes with 32 and 64 versions in the same package) and they will use the full 4gig of ram.
  9. maoriboy

    Favorite drink.

    A jagermeister and redbull, either as a long drink or as a jagerbomb (drop shotglass full of jager into a tall glass containing half a can of red bull). scrumptious and gets ya going for the nite
  10. maoriboy

    Morning Greetings!

    Beautiful day here in sunny Palmerston North. Pity the wind blowing off the mountains is so bloody cold. Hmmmm that could mean that ut may be time to break out the snowboard..hehehe
  11. maoriboy

    Eikaiwa schools

    Working in Nova certainly wasnt the best job I have ever had, but it also hasnt been the worst job Ive ever had. Easy, but soul crushing job...alleviated by copious amounts of alcohol after work I really do feel for all my friends and coworkers still with Nova and all my Japanese friends that are still students.
  12. maoriboy

    Explain your avatar!

    Nothing much to explain...a pic I liked..I used it Of course its me in cartooney form hahaha
  13. maoriboy

    Missing in Action

    My mum reckons Im nice, all my girl friends reckon Im naughty. its the perfect combo!
  14. maoriboy

    Missing in Action

    hey hey GG. been a while since Ive participated on a regular basis. life has moved on at a rapid pace for me other things get in my way of internet slouching off lol
  15. People tumbling down stairs...kinda like a slinky


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