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  1. Sounds like fun though lack of contact with young females was a downer for you.
  2. Hey I kind of recall there being a thread on these paid for tv channels but couldn't find it. Question! Looks like you can join say today and get the rest of the current month for nothing and start paying next mont. You can cancel anytime and just pay up for that month, anytime from 2nd month. Is there anything stopping you just joining / cancelling / joining / cancelling and basically ending up paying for every other month? Other that it just being jolly rude?
  3. Until May!? I selfishly hope you get paid peanuts for such a job!!
  4. There's one lady in our office I swear she wears a mask for 3/4 of the year.
  5. When we moved here there was a one-time payment of 70000 yen to pay. I think she paid it. Then again there's none of the quarterly asks as much as I know anyway.
  6. The figure skaters should get points knocked off for insincerity too. Mao Asada, instant her last pose finishes and it's '**** that'. The tv programs are all serious face and hmmmm this morning too hey. Find it quite funny myself.
  7. A quick look on it's website linked to from below says yes it does http://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/nagano/otari/hakuba-cortina 16000 yen for the month
  8. Don't suppose that's in an area where any of the brave Tenjindaira hikers go is it?
  9. Those toner things are HUGE arent they?!
  10. I watched that. Strange movie. She does have a classic beauty look about her. I like.
  11. Did someone answer the question of how much cheaper Jetstar are than JAL on the same journey?
  12. Unfortunately they are being arseholes - not apologising, not even admitting what they sent was not what I bought when it's clear up there on their page. They are offering a full refund but I don't want to go through the hassle of sending back esp. when I'll lose out on postage. Going to wait the 3 days before I can escalate it with ebay.
  13. I have already sent a mail off. It's just bloody annoying.
  14. The description was thankfully very very clear. And very different to what I got. There's absolutely no chance of a misunderstanding. No worries on that count!
  15. OK so ordered something. It arrives, lets say 1/4 of what it should have been. In the process of asking the sellet "excuse me, but WTF?", but wondering if anyone ever bought stuff and it turns up very different to what you ordered. Was claiming easy?
  16. Neither is 95% of the article. You can have a major ski accident not going fast, it will surprise some people.
  17. I suspect apart from the Ns and Hs, you're going to hear much the same. Makes you wonder why that might be.
  18. Peter Gabriels albums. An interesting journey from the early ones to most recent.
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