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  1. How is your back? I love my split now after getting into it. But i chose to bring shoes on my two week Japan trip because I hope to spend most of the time off piste and quick acces slackcountry so less important for effeciency. I will soon remember the awkwardness of shoes but oh well. Also keep in mind splitboards break down swiftly....two seasonmax because if flex when upptracking and so if you are doing alit of off piste the solid board will hold up better and reality is a better ride too
  2. Hi there - I was wondering if anyone knows of an overnight bus or train that travels between Narita or Tokyo and Aomori? I arrive late in the afternoon on the 31st in Narita and would like to start the journey right away but noticed that I may have to wait until the am. Kind of convoluted - anyone have a travel tip for the new guy? Thanks, Matt
  3. Yes i know they are way apart but i am from Canada where driving 4 hrs from one hill to the next is kinda normal. Looking at todays snowfall the north grabbed a massive hit of snow! It has been so minimal this season in western Canada I am totally amped! Thanks for all responses.
  4. Great news! I might split my time between the two then. This trip is kind a recon for me so i really appreciate the info!
  5. Thanks. I did try to hunt around. It seems most have full season passes or some deals on one, two three ect days but the one pass in Hakkoda is 30 days (so i read) and really great price...
  6. Hi I am new to forum. Arriving in Japan this week for 12 days of riding. I have been researching but it is almost overwhelming the amount of resorts (so cool). My question is i like the month lift pass option at Hakkoda for my budget. Is there other resorts that have such a good deal? Thanks a lot!
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