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  1. Once the sun comes out in Seattle it is hard to find a male human of any age with cloth between his knees and ankles.
  2. It only takes a few weeks back at home before you realize that there are really a whole lot of f*cked up people in Western societies as well as Japanese. (And if you do not like "f*cked up," at least the kind of people that I really have no interest in interacting with) We just grow up with them and get used to them. It seems the most open minded and interesting people are the ones that are open to living in other counrties, thus those I have spent most of my last couple years with (Japanese and non-Japanese alike).
  3. This thread has really taken off since everyone has gotten an iPod. Recent listens include a lot of: The Postal Service The New Amsterdams - Worse for the Wear Modest Mouse - Good News for People that Love Bad News Brand New - Deja Entendu Deathcab for Cutie From Autumn to Ashes Soul Position People Under the Stairs Danger Mouse & Jemini Mad Villain (MF Doom & Madlib) Manda - I would still be interested in reading that paper you asked about KEXP for if you want to send it to me.
  4. These days I pick almost anything before whiskey, but there was a time when my drink of choice was a good Canadian whiskey (Crown Royal or Seagram's 7) and 7up. They don't have Canuck whiskey in Japan, do they?
  5. I've never seen the Mediterranean and I have been thinking a lot about how cool a month or two trip would be starting in Spain and working my way through France and Italy along the coast; then sailing across the Ionian and exploring Greece and Turkey. I imagine that is a little ways off though.
  6. Quote: Originally posted by Yuki's Passion: I thought I had found "The One" but obviously not Women are such a pain in the @$$ That sucks dude. Is it Y's P no more? Well there are plenty of other Yukis around...including one just down the street
  7. Reagan's legacy was of smaller government (on the domestic front at least). When he was governor of California he did everything he could to kill the public University system in the state and almost succeeded. Some say he had his eyes set on the public school system as well. He also made huge cutting reforms to welfare and social security. Reagan was, however, a very likable guy. He had a brilliant sense of humor unlike most politicians. Over the last few days there has been a media blitz of Reagan and I have heard mentioned a number of time, "let's forget about Reagan's politics and
  8. My dad wanted to get a hold of my music collection so I was going to buy him an iPod. The best discount I could find on iPods was $20 on ebay, making a 40GB $480 before s&h. I did a little research and ended up buying him a 40GB Creative Nomad Zen for $250 (retail). It looks kinda like this: It is a bit bigger than the iPod, fits better in the back pocket than front, and the menu system isn't quite as intuitive. But the battery is removable, which is a nice bonus, and I liked the software. Considering it does the same thing as an iPod at 1/2 the price I have to recommend it.
  9. Actually, "We Built This City" is by Starship and not Jefferson Starship but I can see how you could get easily confused. From allmusic: Starship was a band created by the settlement of a lawsuit. Notwithstanding this curious beginning, the group went on to a series of hits in the mid-'80s, including the chart-toppers "We Built This City," "Sara," and "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" in a polished, mainstream pop/rock style before splitting up in the early '90s. Starship was the remaining sextet of musicians that, with Paul Kantner, had made up Jefferson Starship until the rhythm g
  10. You mean other than Markie and Echineko?
  11. I used to live in a floating house. But we called it a boat.
  12. Well you did bring me that box of cookies...
  13. What's really amazing is how they are able to fit all those buttons on to their tiny cell phones for typing email. Truly impressive engineers those Japanese.
  14. Voodoo Chili? Some good riffs there. Some of my faves: Soundgarden: Jesus Christ Pose Kenny Wayne Sheppard: Blue on Black Megadeth: Trust Weezer: My Name is Jonas
  15. Tubthumper by Chumbawumba Cottone-eye Joe by Rednex YMCA by The Village People
  16. On the contrary (maybe it's Nagoya, man ) I think Japan's smells are relatively mild. Walking through a city in SE Asia you are constantly confronted with smells that if they don't make you cringe at least catch your attention. I rarely turn my nose up in Japan. My neighbor's cooking often makes me hungry...but I don't think that is nationwide. Has anyone else noticed the pungent jizz bloom that is going on right now (AKA money shot plant)?
  17. I'm not feelin her. I'm down with Mandy though.
  18. The numbers are on the rise in Shibuya it would appear. I have seen more outrageously dressed ganguro and "senta-guys" in the last few months.
  19. Ahhhh, yes my time here is done as well. Like Nekobi I do still have fond feelings for Japan but I am ready for what's next. I have certainly had a lot of good times here, though, that will stick with me forever.
  20. The idea is that you have a little forum or bulletin board like this and people say "I am driving from Tokyo to Osaka on Wednesday April 7. I am looking for 3 people to ride with me and share the expressway tolls." Then someone else comes along and says, "hmmm. I need to go to Osaka on Wednesday, maybe I can ride with this dude." Nothing like this around that anyone know of, it would seem.
  21. Anyone know about it? As in, does it exist? Any resources on people that want to share tolls? JP or GJ.
  22. What is the reasoning behind this? Where is it coming from? Shops or govt? Possibilities: 1 - excuse for shops to raise prices across the board on everything. 2 - govt wanting to flat tax a stores sales. ideas?
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