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  1. I'm semi -regular when I can. Good place for decent snow in season, back runs, etc. Forget it if you're into gelende skiing as it's a real small place. Good views too on a clear day.
  2. The orange colored hard fruits? They're great.
  3. Most crazy night - over 75cm on the car deep in the minakami mountains one Jan .
  4. I've heard of some AETs with posts from hell. Not had a worst job as such myself yet.
  5. I have some awesome ski fashions from about 9 years ago, I should take a pic of them. Looks something like this Now I look like this: Anyone else got any great fash pics?!
  6. I really like the weather we are having now. May it continue forever and forever, well until October at least.
  7. We have always had the same experience JEZx, always friendly and fun on the lifts.
  8. Decent family style resorts in the Oze area. Not for you off piste powder hounds, but
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