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  1. I heard it, wasn't that far away when it happened.
  2. Another jolt today again after the one yesterday.
  3. Nice pic again me jane. I see he likes his beer already!
  4. Really like Seal - recently got his best of with an extra disc of acoustic versions. Great for the car.
  5. I'm like you rachael, I like the CD in my hands. The few songs I have downloaded have been inferior quality to CDs as well. (Is that something I did wrong, are they usually the same quality?)
  6. I agree that is annoying. Throwing that message at us when we have just gone out and bought the damn thing.
  7. Well we have both spend more time out of Japan than in this winter and so only managed once - a long weekend in Shiga Kogen which was good but the snow wasn't the best. Here's to next season when hopefully we will be here more.
  8. We wanted to get one for a friend, but they are very hard to find still.
  9. I can't remember having a poor namachocolate cake. Love the cake shops around where we live, and the bread shops too. They are just so tempting.
  10. We have one of those screens, it's really good. It does pick up marks easily so not go to touch it!
  11. Oh dear! I'm going to have nightmares now!
  12. Quote: it doesn't always apply, but step back and realise that the world will keep turning whether you hit all deadlines or not. I 2nd that one, though it can be difficult. Good luck.
  13. A very small fly just flew into my eye. And didn't escape. Still itching my eye here. I was wondering where that fly might be in my body now and the journey it takes.
  14. Heard similar stories before. In a case near where I was at college, rumor has it that it was a competitor just trying to grab some business. There's a small ramen place up near where we live. I wouldn't eat there if you paid me.
  15. Eating milk chocolate boosts your brain power. In tests at Wheeling Jesuit University, participants were given pieces of dark chocolate, milk chocolate or nothing at all and then asked to carry out computer based cognitive tests. Researchers found those given milk chocolate performed significantly better than the rest.
  16. You too, enjoy New Zealand. (Am I allowed to post in this thread?)
  17. We just have Norton on mine. Are these other things better or just similar things.
  18. I thought that Club Med was pretty much run as a "foreigners resort" (for want of a better phrase). Everything is done with the foreign market in mind - waiters, hotel staff, facilities, kids stuff, resort, etc.
  19. There were too many headlines of cheating and diving it got quite tiresome by the end.
  20. Are they similar to Mister Donuts?
  21. Hey calling all the gamers on here. I'm looking for the old arcade game Defender and hoping there might be a version of it for the PC. Anyone know of anything out there (preferably free!!) Thanks
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