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  1. I think maybe in Toyama at my home for end of December and beginning of next year.
  2. I heard it also that the Numata and Kitashina regions of Gunma has more feel the earthquake than Yuzawa area.
  3. I have friends in Nagaoka-shi and they don't have their house now, it is very sad. The daughter has also lost her job as company closed up. They seem to be coping with it as much as they can, but it is terrible and sudden situation for them to face.
  4. I heard the news about Arafat dying. The news seems undecided about was he good man or not??
  5. Probably not, I want to but I don't have trust in any of them. Its sad.
  6. What does it mean, "constant reader"?
  7. Shinchan is very annoying for me. That voice!
  8. Recently in my area they have sign on road for "manifesto" it is for politics and election. I ask some people around me and they do not know the meaning of the work. I think that is really strange for using word that nobody know meaning of. What do you think? This is English word, right?
  9. I know US is really big country. But if I were to drive from West Coast to East coast, how many days would that take?
  10. I wonder about this word and nuance meaning of "snob" - like "he's a snob". Is it superiority complex feeling .
  11. I recently got one, but its not so good picture I think. Just a gimick
  12. I think my boss never take holiday except national one. He is always working.
  13. I used to love George Michael when I was at junior high.
  14. I am glad they do it, but please dont increat prices!
  15. I think it is mad. I cant imagine it anyway, bevcause I dont have much money.
  16. Interesting idea, but I can't help you with it. You will come as a tourist? When do you come?
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