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  1. I find most of the food on sale on the hills to be either boring/expensive/mazui or a combination of all three. James in his article this week said some resorts had good food which is good to hear, but what do you do? I sometimes take some snacks on the hills with me and don't really take a lunch break with the usual curry-rice.
  2. Sounds like the places is losing out early on to Hakuba and the like.
  3. Well I never said that. I don't think SKI said that either. ...Just that if we don't want to go, that is not irrational. Go! Enjoy! I'm happy for you and all the others who are out enjoying now!
  4. You fail to point out why it is irrational for someone to not go skiing if they don't want to at that particular time. I just don't get that. As akibun said, if people don't want to go skiing this weekend, then don't go. Going would be the irrational thing to do in that case, don't you think?
  5. SKIs response doesn't seem insulting to me at all. That is the impression Ocean11 gives in his posts. What exactly is irrational? Not going skiing if you don't want to???
  6. I'm not going for another few weeks yet at least. I know places a handful of places are open - heck, I am looking at the Now pages every day on this site and reading all about it on here. But I will probably first go out myself in mid December. I'll plan the weekend with my friends, get my skis tuned up soon, book a hotel, etc and most of all go when I actually feel like going. I don't particularly feel like going right now. Are you saying that makes me irrational? If so, that is just so arrogant. And if so, WHY????
  7. Can't really add much, looking forward to all the weather reports, that sounds really cool!
  8. From what I can tell, even though the quality of the games may have increased, people just have more things to do now. And less money.
  9. Doesn't he mean embarrased/tired/angry?
  10. Anyone seen Real Madrid this year? how are theydoing?
  11. This is a nice resort area quite near to Nagano and also near to the resorts in Myoko, Niigata. I like it as it's quite quiet, some good courses and a nice hotel at the bottom of the Tangram part (which is the area I prefer). Good place to check out next season.
  12. All seen the 70 year old skiers on the slopes here. What about a 70 year old boarder? Ever seen one?
  13. If I were a little younger I might start taking up snowboarding now. But I've been skiing for over 20 years now, so I doubt I'll take the board up now.
  14. This is really sad news. I have had some great days in the summer months at the place. Although I can see that the price-point is a little expensive.
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