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  1. I moved from a place I had been in 6 years and got back all but 30,000 of my 120,000 yen initial payment. That was for a few things that were broken here and there. Seemed like a decent deal to me, I was glad to get that much. Truth be told I had forgotten about it.
  2. Finding things in a big clean is the "while it's happening" benefit. Last year I found an envelope with 50,000 yen in it. I sort of recall putting it there like 5 years before and totally forgetting. Then once the clean is done, does feel good.
  3. Jerry Seinfeld has put up a site where every day 3 clips from his archives are shown. I liked his show but always thought his stand up was the weakest bit. Not sure whether I think he is funny or not. Some is, but others just http://jerryseinfeld.com/
  4. Great pics. Makes me want to go back there. Cheers for sharing.
  5. pete, just out of interest, what is the deal with back ones? You can't see it, right? So, it's for other peoples benefit? Serious question!
  6. Really? When I first came, I thought it tasted far from 'real'. Used to it now but...
  7. This is just pathetic, in the telegraph .... It was much like having just stepped off a death-defying roller coaster. My English-language students and I had survived the “big one†– a powerful earthquake rumoured to be magnitude 9. The buildings had held up. Japanese architecture had proven to be sound. We were all fine. Everyone eagerly wanted to recount their unique and terrifying experiences. A sense of great relief and excitement prevailed. However, as the weekend wore on, any sense of euphoria diminished. Scenes of the devastation caused by the tsunamis were being playe
  8. Best F1 thread ever. I have given it 5 stars.
  9. IT is understandable why you want it to 'bounce back' but to compare this to Bali is frankly laughable.
  10. Dunno I liked Morgan in Shawshank but what else has he been great in?_
  11. Heard about that and would like to go, let us know how it was TB.
  12. Yeah that kind of negativity really sucks. Ugly it is.
  13. Originally Posted By: Go Native Should I stop living life as normal? Stop skiing because others can't? Who said that then? I should know better than responding to you though. Perhaps you could once again tell us all how life in Hokkaido is just going on totally as normal. Just in case someone didn't pick up on it.
  14. I see, about the grid. What you don't be able to see is the enormity of this and one that will have many ramifications for ALL of Japan. Because it's not your country perhaps along with the fact that you never change message once you're on one.
  15. Yes we have heard your line Go Native. Message clearrly received. But are people in Hokkaido not doing their best to conserve energy, like most other (?) Japanese are in this difficult time?
  16. Originally Posted By: muikabochi Israel fears sushi shortage after quake Situation in Japan may affect regular supply of ingredients for one of Israelis' favorite dishes "We'll be wiser once the situation in Japan stabilizes and the reconstruction begins," he explains. "I assume we'll know if there is going to be a shortage in the coming week. The main fear is of a shortage of the Kikkoman soy sauce. One Kikkoman factory in Japan was damaged and there have been delays in the supply, but we hope it won't stop the regular chain of supply." Got to feel for them!
  17. great! what exactly are they, mamabear?
  18. I like deep, soft, comfortable pillows. Last night I stayed in a fairly traditional Japanese accommodation and the pillow was just.... worsebthan bad. Small, hard - like it was full of peas - and basically really uncomfortable. Can't imagine how anyone can find that comfortable.
  19. i read that the sumo association gets tax breaks from the govt. er, why?
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