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  1. Curb Your Enthusiasm last night had a fair bit on tipping, was quite funny.
  2. Is the food on the mountain changed over the years or it is the same curryrice?
  3. Almost everything we see in publications like that is paid for by advertisers or someone pushing their stuff. Sometimes it is more subtle than that.
  4. Bolton are one of those teams that are crap one minute and then cause stubborn problems the next (aren't they?)
  5. How come you guys finished so early? Hard work was it?
  6. I'm working my way through the 21 disc "The Hammer Collection" - classic hammor horrors. Some of them actually are horrors, but some really good ones in there.
  7. Out of interest, how did you fit them into your schedule BagOfCrisps/2pintsmate?
  8. Looks like a fairly small place. I remember SJ#1 said he went there a lot when learning back in the day. I'm off to nearby Iwappara at the weekend.
  9. Derby shouldn't have turned up in the first place!
  10. Interesting that. I actually noticed that with one or two recent cds. Turn the thing up and it gets all distored almost. Very annoying. Why do we need a "volume war" on cds we buy?
  11. Which of the two is better? TB I thought it was one ticket for both. Need to take care it seems
  12. Does that thing just go round schools and public places for people to try out? Would like to experience it myself.
  13. Those airline ones are very annoying as well. Have you seen the latest short ones where they're bragging about the amazing food?
  14. It gets blown out of all proportion. Incidents like this though are bound to get the attention here. Though as bobby12 says I can totally see how the locals down there might not be happy with all those dudes walking around.
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