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  1. Guardian 2/5 The film follow-up to The Da Vinci Code is unwieldy, elephantine and frequently foolish, but disrespectful of the Catholic church it is not, writes Xan Brooks
  2. Must rewatch that one. Trek does look good.
  3. The last option ---- do people actually do that//
  4. Adam would seem like the CLEAR favorite to me.
  5. More Just how long do some people spend on doing stuff like this?
  6. When's the wedding Rob, must be soon right?
  7. Last month Entertainment Weekly quoted a friend of the actor who confirmed that Phoenix was playing a joke at the public's expense, claiming he told him 'It's a put-on. I'm going to pretend to have a meltdown and change careers, and Casey is going to film it,' But Phoenix hit back and angrily denied the claims. 'I can see how people might think it is shocking,' he said. 'But by saying my life is a joke or the thing that I love is a joke - well, that bothers me.'
  8. Is there? What a weird season it doesn't seem to want to snow heavily at all in lots of places. Warm start to February as well.
  9. The story gets better: It began as a feel-good story designed to lift America’s spirits during another week of grim economic news. But last night increasingly difficult questions were being asked about the birth on Monday of healthy octuplets – only the second known case in US medical history – after it emerged that the mother may have undergone fertility treatment, even though she already had six children. In vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment guidelines produced by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine say that a woman under 35 should have no more than two em
  10. Quote: While admitting that Britain is “in the eye of the stormâ€, the Prime Minister said in an interview with The Daily Telegraph that the country will see off the worst of the slowdown if the public can harness the “British spirit†and remain resolute and upbeat. Gin, perhaps?
  11. I didn't like my boots last year. Like new shoes I suppose, they were tighter than I remember when buying them, but they have worn in and feel much better now.
  12. Nice. Whats his name? How can anyone dump a dog on a roadside.
  13. ã¨ã‚“ã§ã‚‚ãªã„外国人ãŒãƒ»ãƒ»ãƒ»ãƒ»
  14. Its on one of the morning programs now Top caption is 外国人ã®ãƒžãƒŠãƒ¼é•å㧠basically meaning it is closed because of foreigners bad manners.
  15. Just on the news about Isuzu (car company) workers... and the characters used for the company name was something I have never seen before. ã„ã™ was ok but the "zu" was some funny squiggle that I'm sure isn't hiragana..... anyone know what I'm talking about and what that is? Cheers
  16. They're arguing about adding 3 yen tax per cigarette. Should or should not. Let's voting here.
  17. Just on the news about some "B kyu gourmet" festival. Seems B kyu means like real everyday food (ramen, gyoza, soba) rather than high class restaurant set meals (which I presume are A kyu). That right? If so, which do you prefer? I'm definitely B kyu
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