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  1. hey Seemore, i strongly suggest you do what im going to do and use a Commonwealth travel card. I think these are great, and you can also change currencry's at the bank. so best to get out $200 aud worth of yen for cash for the first day and then use the card for the rest. Its a mastercard and it will be accepted at most ATM's
  2. live on the edge literally, imagine if a strong gust of wind comes and knocks you off... >.>
  3. its up for me its good because it flicks through about 7 cameras
  4. here is a great webcam link for hakuba, happo-one. Live Webcam Feed @ Matt, with that .jif where is japan on that o.O because all i can see is colours all over the place lawl, if you could just circle it or something for me thanks in advance
  5. 16,000 for 4 days o.O thats abit steep dont u think ? lol also im not sure how big tokyo is as a city, all those places how far apart roughly are they. e.g are they like a 1/2 trip to some of them or is it all pretty close like an hour train trip or 1hr walk ?? i know its abit of a silly question but going to a city you will get lost
  6. Mattus, I Highly recommened Force bags, its an Australian brand that makes Boards and Bags and I purchased 1 on ebay for $70 its 181cm in Length (for my skis) it has wheels and tough rubber at the ends. p.s they have increased the price to $90 but this bag is worth about $180-250 its very cheap!
  7. I work in the Steel industry in Australia and it did go downhill for half a year but now its going back up and we have an EBA of 5% pay rises every year for 3 years
  8. thanks both for your input much appreciated!
  9. Damn, those are some amazing photo's and to be thinking its summer where i am and its stinking hot and sitting down dreaming about the snow >.<
  10. Ok, after my crazy ski holiday in hakuba my gf and I are going to Tokyo for 4 nights. We are staying at Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku. We are 20 yrs of age and would love to see some of the old and new japan, abit of shopping and some daily activities. Is there anything that is a MUST SEE or Highly recommended ?? Thanks for any help
  11. I think that its all taken out of proportion, I hate when the media get their hands on stories like this because they turn it around and make it totally 110% worse then what it was. Poor Tiger Woods, his wife is asking for $300 million dollars, the thing is I bet she can't even hit the ball off the Tee.
  12. tbh when you look at the photo, it really does look like its been photo shopped lol
  13. hey, if there is snow on a mountain and then i guess that it can always avalanche. just depends how much disturbance there is on it.
  14. Wow, it just looks so calm and perfect than all of a sudden it starts to give way. How something so nice can turn so dangerous so quickly...
  15. Originally Posted By: thursday � Rowdy behaviour in public places such as onsens, bars, restaurants and lift lines will not be tolerated. What will happen o.O I was told that you can't talk loudly in public places e.g trains or busses. This true ?
  16. ^^ lol deff current conditions! thats what Australian ski resorts are like!
  17. skiing 4 me :> maybe one day try boarding but atm only been skiing for 5 yrs and there is still much to improve!
  18. I was actually told it was very good to go around late december, in australia they even had hakuba specials for december the 5th.. i didn't realise that its actually better to go late january or even hakkaido. im never going to believe any travel agents anymore >.> i guess i will have to make the most of it even if its little snow.
  19. Originally Posted By: Mr Wiggles Yeah, there's no snow in Hakuba atm. Its pissing down with rain as best skier keeps saying. However, your "all the other years" comment is wrong, because we've had the first snow much later than this a few times in the past nine years. Even that's only a sample of nine. When you have to go to Tsugaike on Christmas Eve to ride the upmost main course (skiers right from gondola top) and can only ride about 300 meters of a maybe seven degree course past eight movable snow machines that are on during the day and blowing "snow" into your face as you go past,
  20. Originally Posted By: Ezorisu Like the one with the pendulous nipples. my fav too lol
  21. All of these pictures are amazing, I wish i could visit places like this . It would be a dream to live on the ski fields
  22. hopefully things pick up by christmas time because hakuba looks really poor atm, compared to all the other years hakuba normally has about 50cm+ at top and atm there is only a few cm :S
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