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  1. Do you have any stickers to stick inside your car on the window ? Or do all the stickers have a sticky back. They look great, everytime I see the new logo it just reminds me of Pepsi soft drink... anyone else ??
  2. Im from Australia and will be staying in hakuba, I will most likely be going off piste out of resort boundries as im hiring a guided BC tour guide for a day. Any specific insurance companies you recommend?
  3. So im going to Japan for 6 weeks and ill be doing some off-piste riding and I want to be covered of course for this, would I be looking at an extras package that includes off-piste or are there some companies people recommend that normally have it in their general policy. I tired to have a look around the forum for some tips or recommendations but most of them are outdated. sorry for hijacking the OP's thread!
  4. Originally Posted By: panhead_pete Do you ski or board? sorry about the late reply!! pc died and i completley forgot about this post I actually ski but am thinking of giving boarding ago for a few days since ill be on the snow so much
  5. Originally Posted By: Fonty After reading these posts for a long time I was more focused on being insured for off piste injuries I always say people are crazy not to take out insurance when travelling. I've never heard of this :S and this whole time I have been off doing my own little thing overseas, can you please give me some suggestions on where to look for these extra benefits! it would be MUCH appreciated!
  6. Originally Posted By: rider69 You can get a happo early seasons pass for 55000 yen. You might have to ask the lodge you are staying at to pre-buy it for you though. The lodge has given me that option, I think I would just do that and just buy a mid week if i choose to go to another mountain. Cheers for your help mate
  7. so im best of just buying a 5 day pass if i wish to go multiple resorts rather then a season pass
  8. So im looking at staying in Hakuba for 6 weeks, the cheaper option for me is to get a season pass. I believe they are 65,000 yen(last season according to SJ website) is it easy to set it up as soon as I get there or should i pre-purchase it and send a photo and pay upfront ? I'm unsure because the Hakuba Goryu website is in Japanese, If I purchase a Happo-one season pass does that give me access to all the mountains ? or is there a special pass for that one ? Also is there any type of early bird offers or is it just the one price ? Cheers!
  9. I paid something like 230,000 yen for a full day and I would recommend it to anyone, and that is very cheap for the instructor i got , but japan is very cheap for lessons, i suggest you get a few if you wish to improve.
  10. Originally Posted By: Slippery Jim Korbzy, if you're coming to Tokyo PM me and I'll tell you where you can buy them here. Price, FYI, is 14,000 yen. I was there at the start of this year, and wont be coming till start of 2012 for my next japan trip. im going to germany in 2 weeks, hopefully i can find a seller around there. cheers slippery! I would buy on the internet but last time i did that the size didnt fit. I would rather try on this time
  11. Originally Posted By: Tubby Beaver Originally Posted By: Korbzy what type of balm do you put on the leather and is it cheap/expensive ? think you use Kreemofsumyung-gai leave troll... your not wanted here
  12. Originally Posted By: Slippery Jim I bought a nice pair of gloves on my last US trip, don't remember the brand. But what I'm lusting after is a pair of 3-finger Hestra Heli gloves. Much of the advantages of mittens, but with more dexterity thanks to the independent index finger. Plus they look great! At 14,000 yen in Tokyo they're within your budget, Korbzy. damnit they look awsome, this is a great investment imo, i will look into these for sure, pitty i cant find any aussie stores that stock hestra, i was looking on the website for the seth morrison ones and they look great. what typ
  13. Originally Posted By: panhead_pete If you are a boarder make sure you take your wrist guards with you when you try on your new set, dont ask me how I know. Mittens are great when its colder. im a skiier, so not sure how mittens would go with my poles
  14. Originally Posted By: Black Mountain I've recently switched to mittens and don't think I'll ever go back to using gloves. how do you find using mittens with the poles? I could understand they would be warmer but like you said dexterity is the issue.
  15. Hey guys, Its now coming time for the northern snow season and I am ready for some action, though my gloves aren't! they were terrible at Perisher, I am 90% sure that there was a thread before called "glove recommendation" but i can't find it, tried the search function and its not bringing anything up so if anyone does find it please link so a Mod can delete this Thread. So this is what I am after, I am looking for a great warm glove that has great movement and durability, I was thinking of those leather hide ones where you spray on waterproof substance but I am not too familiar with
  16. 10/10, was very lucky going early jan to hakuba and it dumped hard and i was skiing so much powder even on the bottom beginner slopes
  17. yea i loved hakuba, went to happo 6 days straight and did a night ski at 47, it was amazing, im planning a 1 month trip there with a mate, should be good too bad its warming up now thought the season would last alot longer but the warm temp isnt very pleasant. hakuba is amazing, the small town and the friendliest people i've ever met, i fell in love with the people, so welcoming and always helping others out. I wish aussies would learn off them >.< when I went to the park they had speed restrictions in place o.O they wouldnt let you pick up enough speed to get air or
  18. oh i have some fantastic photos once i get home! currently at Shinjuku and i`m leaving for australia tommorrow . its been a fantastic trip and wish i wasn`t leaving. Hakuba has been amazing the past week and abit, the snow was very light and powdery even at happo-one base there was a day where there was so much powder (20cm) worth that you had trouble picking up speeds and the beginners couldnt even move. if your headed to hakuba, you will enjoy it! i promise you question, whats up with all the god damn mogle runs!! in Australia they groom them out. they are very tough on
  19. plane departs in 3 hours from australia, will be hitting hakuba slopes on the 27th, meant to be a lovely day, lets hope the forecast can live up to it ! here i come japan!
  20. my mate has the same problem around the waist, his 188cm with a 32" waist. he has billagong pants and just wears a belt. he searched for awhile and couldn't find any with a perfect fit.
  21. Originally Posted By: Mamabear Some of my friends went to see it here in Perth in 3D yesterday - one of whom promptly went home and threw up - apparently the whole 3D effect gave her vertigo and upset her stomach! I think I will settle for watching it in 2D. soft! the 3d isn't as good as i thought it would be
  22. The low rider has been around since the early 90's from the rappers and gangsters. Like snoop doggy dog
  23. Very good post shaydn, I hope your enjoying the snow over there lucky bastard you got there at the perfect time
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