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  1. I remember reading somewhere that Shiga Kogen was the skijo that had the most school trips every year and it is famous for it.
  2. I have a week in Niseko planned and then hoping to spend 6-7 days in Nagano somewhere but that can be planned near the time. Perhaps a few weekends too.
  3. I would like that too. Having said that, it might spoil the fun of a trip if I had one in my own house.
  4. Ca et La Ski Resort Oze - yes that ones quite strange. What does it mean, if anything?
  5. I wasn't here and never went but a friend of mine did and they thought it was a fantastic place. Expensive resort but a good stay and apparently really good snow.
  6. Found a great bargain on last seasons stock over the weekend. 60% off, bought and ready to board!
  7. I have been shopping around myself after using the same gear for 5 years now. Time to change. It's great fun looking at new gear and dreaming, though looking at the funds always dilutes the fun!
  8. I loved Zermatt and saw lots of families having a ball there. It was very expensive, but a great little place.
  9. I forecast plentiful snow each evening followed by bright sunny days from 8am each day.
  10. Hey, hi I am planning a trip to Japan, well a possible trip to Japan, and wondering how the exchange rates are for other currencies? The UK pound hasn't really bounced back and is still around 155 yen to the pound, so Japan is still looking expensive. I heard that the Australia currency has bounced back to a certain extent? How's it all looking at the moment from where you are, those people living outside Japan. Hope we can make it this season!
  11. When I graduated from college I went on a snowboarding holiday in Europe and have been hooked ever since!
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