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  1. Well the marketing machines try to send out the message and need to try and get people early season, talking it up. It's hard to know what the truth is sometimes when you don't know.
  2. Probs a few celebs in an advert campaign and it just got started.
  3. Often hear about people poisoning themselves with car exhaust fumes in winter. Be careful! Sounds great though.
  4. Hakuba 47 - 7 Hakuba Cortina - 8 Hakuba Goryu - 9 (+) Hakuba Iwatake - 5 Hakuba Norikura - 4 (-) Hakuba Sanosaka - 3 Happo-one - 4 Tsugaike Kogen - 5
  5. There was a shindo 4 in Joetsu last night. Fairly localised not a wide one.
  6. I used to have a suitcase that was so heavy that it was close to the limit even when it was empty!
  7. Place I used to work had this on every lunchtime. I tried to avoid!
  8. Of course depends on the kind of place you want. I'm not so keen on Shiga Kogen really, it's all too spread out, bits that are snowboarder unfriendly (doesn't affect you of course), and I never seem to hit it with mad snow. Lots of that here in Myoko.
  9. Less here too. I would imagine most of central Honshu kind of areas are on less than last year at the moment.
  10. I don't think it would be a bad thing actually. Must cost a fair whack to manage the car parks and that used to be a fairly decent chunk of income that has disappeared for many places in recent years.
  11. Probably more than before but nothing too mad I don't think. Stick to the more diffciult courses and you's ok. Better still, go weekday!
  12. Decided to take a trip up to see Zao in February. Probably 3 nights, 3 days on the snow.
  13. It will not be too early thats for sure.
  14. No doubt most of the time in Myoko but I would like to get a bit further out again as much as possible. Much much too early to know more.
  15. You would be looking at staying at Itoigawa or Joetsu probably, bit further Myoko. Not sure why you want to spend extended time there but if that's what you want....!
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