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What don't you like about Japan?

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Living in a house that has the insulation qualities of a cardboard box

Everything being so damn difficult when it doesnt need to be

Serious lack of hot guys

Expensive beer

The quietness at work

Anal people that have to do everything by the book and "its always been done that way so why change it" attitude


Just my 5c

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The fact that there is so much good stuff to buy and having no money.

The hole you put in your pocket after a decent night's drinking.

The administrative bullshit you have to go through with anything and everything.

The honne-tatemae crap.

The weird intestine type dishes that people seem so fond of.

Ditto the pidgeon-toed girls.

The dodgy deppa that seems to be rife over there.

The long socks and skirt with sneakers look.

30-year old girls wearing pig-tails.

The lack of a decent choice in clothes for REAL-sized men.

Getting stuck next to stinky people on a rainy season rush hour train.

Forgetting your umbrella in the rainy season and nearly getting poked in the eyes a million times as you cross the road.


Just my 5c as well... my 2c is free!

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I don't like the way Japanese people don't care much about the way their houses and towns look.


If they have a nice old house, they don't look after it. They stuff all sorts of weird shit up against the windows and there's always a pile of tyres, a knot of broken bicycles, and some old carpet lying about in front with a shiny car parked on it (Hint: Carpet is not a paving material). As soon as they can, they pull it down and build a 'western-style' house out of plastic.


The result is that the towns look like they've been hit by a few bombs and then visited by the plague. What was ever 'Japanese' about it is vanishing.

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I DONT like....


Road Construction...too much of it, too many people doing it, and nothing comes out of it


Bureaucracy, Bureaucracy, Bureaucracy....nuff said


Pachinko, especially the gaudy ones situated in the middle of nowhere, in places that would otherwise be considered beautiful


PIZZA...for a country that loves food soooo much, why can't they figure out how to make a decent pizza????


Shikatta ga nai attitude....move on, please...


ok, thats enough...



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Japanese pizza is the pits ain't it? My heart always sinks when the inevitable bottle of Tabasco sauce comes out. Hey guys, you're not supposed to put flavouring on the pizza, it's s'posed to taste of something already!

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Originally posted by OzOzOz:
Fancy any of the Japanese dudes zwelgen?
Yeah theres plenty that look nice but hard to find someone thats

a. taller than me
b. more muscly
c. not a chauvanistic prick
d. not married (they seem to get hitched ultra young out here)
e. can do more than boil water in the kitchen and
f. is interested in me for me, not "that gaijin girl"

Having said that there are a few, just not round here I think. Guys definatley get the better deal in Japan.
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I agree, there is a lack of good cheeses - I do think things are getting better.


I want to propose a first step being that snowjapan open a Cheese Forum for all us Cheesefans. It would be popular. The voice of the people and all that.


Then I want some resorts to open some Cheese stalls, where all us cheesefans can go to enjoy a good nutritious nibble. And non-cheesefans would possibly (surely) become cheesefans. As you know, not only is cheese fun and delicious, but it's also nutritious and great for friends to eat together.


Thank you.

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well here goes the most controversial item that will be raised here.....and it is the fact that doctors cant tell patients that they have a terminal disease, they have to tell the patients family and its the patients family duty to inform the patient. BUT the family is not obliged to do so and it sometimes occurs that the family refuse to tell the patient and the patient dies without really knowing what the problem was.


Recently in Hyogo a 24 yr old died from liver damage associated with Hep C. The kid didnt know he had it the family claimed they were never told by doctors that the boy was infected during an operation years ago when he was toddler. The hospital claims they told the family, but you would think the family would remember such a thing!!!!and there is no proof, we have to take the doctors word for it. Then over the years the docs never mentioned it again and the kid dropped dead without knowing he had a screwed liver and never had the best treatment. God help the doctors and hospital adminstrators who pulled something like that with me or my family, they would deal with wrath and vengeance of the likes they would have never seen.


I had a long talk with a Japanese doctor about this and she hated the subterfuge in dealing with the patient. But she was bound to follow protocol however F**ked up it is.

I am sorry there are cultural differences and there are abuses of human rights. This is one thing I just cannot accept. It is incomprehensible.


There got that off my chest, I generally enjoy living in Japan and am married to a Japanese woman and I not a bitter and twisted gaijin....its just that one thing that really bugs me.

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I read a news item several years back now about a bloke who had a stomach ulcer. The doctors duly informed him of this. He then committed suicide because he believed he actually had cancer and the doctors were just telling him it was an ulcer to make him feel better.


Having said that though, many Japanese doctors are very informative, and I reckon if you asked for the straight dope in serious cases they'd probably tell you.

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I gotta say that renting/real estate agencies/landlords has to top my list. What the f$#k is reikin all about? And the need for a guarantor??? And even though we're a recession and gaijin are generally in a better position than years past, most landlords speaking honestly would probably prefer a Japanese tenant.

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japan is really not as efficient as people make it out to be.


living in singapore, i find that it is alot more efficient here. all the road work is done in the wee hours of the morning in order to not distract the fluency of traffic, there barely is ever any traffic anyway.

when you ask someone to do something, it gets done. normally the same day.

just little things like that.


maybe im not in the position to say (ive probably spent about 3 months (at the most) in japan in total) but this is what ive noticed.

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perfer...or INSIST...when I was shopping around for apts. last year, I was consistently denied because I was a "gaijin"! And they were very direct in telling me. "Gaijin-san kowaii!"...

Needless to say, I ended up with a much crapier apt. than I should have gotten...





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