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Long haul flights - what do you do?

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Orange, I'm no doctor, but I always figured the flatulent feeling results from the difference in pressure at altitude.


Sure the cabin is "pressurized", but it is still at a lower air pressure than ground level. That's why your ears pop and shampoo bottles and little coffee cream tubs with foil covers become tight as drums.


The air trapped inside of them is still at ground level pressure, but the cabin pressure is lower, so they want to bulge out like balloons.


And this is going on inside your gut and intestines. The gases expand, your intestines plump up and the only way to go is out the bunghole... The overall effect is a feeling of bloating and flatulence.


Add to that the gassy nature of the fried pretzel snacks, peanuts and other foods they give you, and the result is like a fragrant summer wind that never stops.


Then when we return to ground level, our feet don't fit our shoes anymore. The gases inside our body take awhile to adjust back down to normal.


How's that for a zany layperson's explanation?

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i wonder if you can take knitting needles on a plane. or are they considered weapons \:D


ive just started knitting and can only ever manage to get a few rows done at a time. the plane would be a perfect place to knit.

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