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How does Kowal translate in Japanese?


Anyway, as a boarder I don't feel anything negative the connotations about "fattwins". If anything, sounds like it's a mountain dude who knows where the powder is.


These days, I think being picked up on the search engines is probably not just a matter of how many "key words" you have on your page or url, but how many other websites that are linking to your website (or at least that's how I heard Google does their ratings).

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How do you pronounce fattwins? Is it fat-twins or fatwins with a glottal stop in the middle? I always thought it was the latter...


Best to choose a name that people can pronounce.


How about "Big Dump Hakuba"?

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(Not this case of course, but you would not believe the amount of problems deleting the very few posts that we do, (nearly or totally) blatant ads, gives us.... 'freedom of speech', 'it's a disgrace', 'what about my rights', expletives thrown at our editor email address etc etc. It can be quite distressing.) cool.gif

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> Just to keep things consistent


Well that wouldn't be very consistent with much of gamera's presence on this forum and in articles would it now?


I think a bit of borderline advertising makes things more interesting anyway (after all, there is a business aspect to a lot of the sport).

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To my knowledge gamera has not once mentioned his place on the forums by name anyway, not in his posts or in his signature.


The article about gamera is a totally different case. We wanted to interview him as he had an interesting story to tell.


There definitely is a business aspect to a lot of sport. And if a company wants to advertise to the many thousands of people that use the site/forums, they can contact us and we can talk about it. Registering on these forums and just promoting themselves is not something we will accept.

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