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Yes they are.

I use a hybrid system that is I have the blade on but also the plastic cutring strips.

You can cut a much larger area than using just the blade and is really good on soft weeds but the blade is needed for the tough stuff.

Yeah they will cut through small trees and bamboo they are very good.


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My garden had turned into something of a jungle after 3 weeks away!


Lots of the weeds were 30cm above ground and some them had over 50cm 'worm-like' things going on underground as well.

They were very kimochi warui!


Flowers survived and grew more bushy.


Trees seem ok too.

Actually just one or two very small new leaves seem to have appeared, this is the first sign of recovery after being rudely taken from previous home to our garden. Gambare!


Got it mostly cleared now though and looking something like again.

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Oh....I could go for some venison tenderloin right about now...yum. Rabbit stew would do the trick as well. I've never had pheasant despite using their colourful feathers in my work.

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I dont mind snakes and dont mind to pick them up as long as I know they are not posionous.

In Japan the only posionous snake is the 'habu' which only lives in Okinawa and is fatal if not treated quickly.

Others like the ao daisho and shima hebi that live throughout Japan if they bite you it is very painful and the area bitten will swell like a football, but is not fatal and you will make a full recovery, just bloody painful.


Both of those snakes I have seen around here. If you see them dont touch them they will snap at you and you will know it if they bite you.

Normally they hide under an outside boiler under a log, somewhere cool and dark and the space can often appear much smaller than the snake that comes out of it.


Non poisionous pet snakes are cool though.

As a child in England in summer we used to play with grass snakes, they are totally harmless.

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