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Winter Stoke  

Then there's Sayama opening on the 25th. You haven't made it there yet, right?  

I am wearing them right now   for stokeness

Well Mick Rich I am amazed and disgusted that you would portray a member of the opposite sex in such degrading and laviscious way!!


umm - can you pm me the address of that board shop.

Sorry about that - got a bit over-excited by the thought of finding my stoke!! PS pm on its way!

Ooh, we have a new category? "Golden Triangle."




Golden Triangle.


Has a ring to it!

I thought so! :thumbsup:
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Thanks everyone for your suggestions! :thumbsup: In preparation for visits to the Golden Triangle resorts (Granview, Yeti & Sayama), I've decided to follow Mambear's advice and the following video lesson, and wax my board this weekend! :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YFp4X5Ivixs

Oh Mick I am sure you will find that attire perfect for waxing your board in the Tokyo warmth!


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