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Incessant Nagging Tubby?? Is my spidey sense picking up a little tarnish on the newlywed pica-pica lustre? ;)


Not at all, my wife is very understanding and quiet since I permanently attached her gag


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Breaking Bad - just keeps getting better and better.

Ya...no need to buy a 747 to get the free bag of peanuts..

just watched the premiere of fargo the tv series. pretty good so far. billy bob thornton does a good job.

Shows I think are worth watching, in no particular order




Strike Back



New Tricks

Dead Like Me

Generation Kill

Pushing Daisies



Just a few of the hundred or so I've downloaded and watched

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massive recoil too.

Haha...that's the first thing I thought, too. I'd love to see her shoot a 10 gauge or one that would even scare me.....the T-Rex....50 cal baby...see at the end of this silliness.


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breaking bad fans, i has a question.


Im trying to like it, but its kinda slowwww... its alright, but it descends into daytime soap/drama a bit too much. Season 1 is just a bit crappy right, it gets better, right?

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