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Mt Granview. Living Your Dreams. Taste The Difference. (etc).

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After muikabochi's report on Mt Granview....


.... it shot to the top of places I needed to visit, above more famous places like Hakuba and Hakuba.

As no doubt it did for most people on here.


And today I did.

Dreams were realised.

Mt Granview was experienced.

I lived the dream, riding Mt Granview.


And actually, jokes - and only 2 slow single lifts - aside, we had a ton of fun! :)

We are in Yuzawa for a few days and were going to go to Maiko today but it looked megabusy and nursing a bit of a hangover thought it would be fun to try it out.

And it was. Snow was decent, not busy and there was a fair bit of untracked areas that we could go and play in.




Since muikabochi put Mt Granview into the international spotlight they seem to have invested in an English sign:




There must have been 50 or so people there today and so if you want to see it before it gets swamped with crowds after all this international fame, now is the time!



The single lift that takes you up to 'base'




The main base (once you get to it via the single lift)




Decent lines to be had




Top bit






As I think muikabochi pointed out, their website says they have 7 single lifts.

While I suppose that might be strictly true, 4 of them are abandoned.

Not cool.








I forgive them though, coz it's just so Gnarly.



More photos in the gallery:




Time for a rest now after so much fun.


A mega-resort in the making. Spread the word, but only once you have been and witnessed it's 'international birth'.

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A good move perhaps! Maiko was too busy.

Nice pics, it looks better than it did when we were there with that dull grey thing going on.

Glad you enjoyed it.

It will be even better when they get that high-speed gondola link up with Ishiuchi Hanaoka I reckon.

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And yes they really need to change that info about having 7 lifts.

Give them the benefit of the doubt as you wouldn't think they would want to fib about that. Then again, other info on their site is more current. :confused:

They have 3 single lifts, one of them getting you to the base.

The rest probably couldn't get moving if they wanted to!

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maybe they are secretly goona install it at a big resort like Happo-one in Hakuba, so people have to pass through to get onto the lifts....only they pop out in Mt Granview in Niigata!! :lol: That would be really funny

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I think the ones in the middle are open.

Not sure about the ones on the sides.

You may have gathered this but just in case -- that 'base' isn't actually at town level, you need to get a single lift up to that area.

That single lift comes up to just behind the building on the right on the above photo that has tons of snow on top.

When you finish for the day you ski down the winding road course back to the car park.


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