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Fluffy marshmallow land (Yuzawa & Minamiuonuma) - 15th January 2010

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I didn't want to post them all in the Crazy Snow contest thread, so here's a "trip report" from Yuzawa and my home town just to the north.


It was actually difficult to get some of the photos as the roads are narrow and lots of entrances blocked... I think I annoyed one or two people trying to get some of these. But anyhow, here's how it's looking round here these days.


We're not quite as mad as 5 seasons ago, but if it continues to pile up we might get close.


(Adjusted contrast on some photos as you couldn't see anything without the change, just all white!)


My neighbourhood












Pavements become maze-like tunnels












Nearly gone!








Looks like fun



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Actually, I was just thinking about that myself Black Mountain. My house has some really strong sprinklers going on so the front has been clear all through this snow. I haven't really had to move much snow at all, other than from the top of my car a few times.


The other day driving was pretty bad but that's only on the really really blizzardy days.


So there razz



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LOL! Guess that would help! It's a difficult choice... mountains or ocean. Being at the foot of Mt. Fuji tucked away in Suruga bay puts me in the center of many activities I enjoy, but I do feel like I'm sacrificing sometimes. I'm happy with what I have so not complaining! You going out this weekend Muika? Sadly, I'm stuck at home studying this weekend... :(

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Sounds good.

Do you get some good shots of Fuji? If you do would be very keen to see.


Not sure about this weekend.

Got quite a few things to do and it looks like it will still be snowing.

I might choose to get work done so I'm free to get out when my fave conditions.


Haven't been as much as I'd like though so might. Hmmmm.

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Check the photos I've uploaded. So good ones of Mt. Fuji there. From my house the view is slightly obscured by a 1200m mountain but there are tons of great places to get a shots. Especially on my way to and from work (I'm a bicycle commuter! 20kms a day!) I'm going to be heading out this weekend at some point so I'll be sure to get some good ones from the mountains across the day.


You should definitely head out for a ski this weekend if you get the chance! I know I would be!! Anyway, loved the pictures as always!

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