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Just planning for my first jaunt away, and trying to think of things to put in my rucksack.


In mine -

spare pair of gloves (just in case one set get wet)

google cleaner

digital camera



screwdriver set (well more like a multitool - ie screwdriver, lace tightener, beer bottle opener).



So what's in yours?

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just for a bit of variety, I'm a type one diabetic, so I throw in my blood test kit, syringe, and some chocolate bars etc.


The test kit runs on batteries and tends not to work when it gets too cold, so you might see me sitting on the top or bottom of a run, pulling the thing to bits and warming up the batteries!! :LOL

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No rucksack.

I carry P&S camera (Olympus 8mp),

a hip flask of Rum (NOT Bundy, that's just pretend rum!),

my wallet (how else do you buy a coffee to drop the rum into?),

... all in my pockets.

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Originally Posted By: snowhuntress
Don't carry a rucksack as I am always falling over and would up doing myself an injury lol

DON'T FORGET TISSUES and spare hand warmers!!

Tissues?? Whaffor? Tissues is for girly men!
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