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The snowfall as it happened in Yuzawa (vids of the snow falling)

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Originally Posted By: SJForums
Thanks. That's the only one that we own and control I'm afraid (it's looking out of the office window) so all we can do is perhaps show some resorts and suggest it - in fact I think my colleague has, though I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. wink

I posted here last month in off-topic about how you could do this with any webcam (ie. it doesn't have to be yours). It's some linux code which can automatically grab info from a website at a set time and save into a file. There may be a windows equivalent. Looked a bit hard for my computer skills but not very difficult.
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  • SnowJapan Moderator

Here's some more time lapse of the last weekend when Yuzawa probably got 1m or so of snow.


Last Friday, 5th Feb. Snow starts in the afternoon:



And then heavy snow on the Saturday. Busy station as well by the looks of things!


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