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  1. Correct, Go Native. Terribly uncool, I know. (As were I would say easily more than 95% of the people at the resort yesterday).
  2. Beer is an important part of darts. Didn't you know?
  3. Yesterday I went skiing and didn't take my poles. I wanted to see what it was like. And it was great. I found myself going faster and perhaps curiously with more confidence. I'm always going to forget the poles from now I think. The only downside I could see was 'walking'. I can imagine it not being good in moguls and really rough terrain, but seeing as though I don't like moguls that doesn't affect me.
  4. My pic of a cow in the original post is no longer showing. Need a new cow pic from today.
  5. Haha seen a few other good ones of that. Funny.
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