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from wikipedia:

25 2009-03-04 "Believe/Kumorinochi, Kaisei"

(Believeï¼æ›‡ã‚Šã®ã¡ã€å¿«æ™´?) JACA-5132



1 501,988[47] 656,331

26 2009-05-27 "Ashita no Kioku/Crazy Moon: Kimi wa Muteki"

(明日ã®è¨˜æ†¶ / Crazy Moon ~キミ・ãƒãƒ»ãƒ ãƒ†ã‚­~?) JACA-5169



1 502,487[48] 620,237

27 2009-07-01 "Everything" JACA-5175

JACA-5177 1 342,070[49] 422,599^

28 2009-11-11 "My Girl"


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You know...as a musician and being involved in the periphery of the music business it's really sad because there are some extremely talented people in this country. All you ever seem to see are the smaps, kinkis, hamasakis and arashis. But hey, I guess that could really be said about anywhere albeit to a lesser degree.

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Question to students:


"Why do you like [enter boy band name]?"




"Becasue they are good dancers"

"Beacase fancy Kenji-kun"


Liking the music often comes low on the list.

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I did a TV show with one of the members(Aiba-kun) earlier this year.

Seemed like a nice enough guy and was even able to put on his own makeup without the help of his 2 assistants who seemed to do nearly everything else for him.

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