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TR: Our trip to Japan (Hakuba, Shiga Kogen & Nozawa)

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Oh, you crazy guys! wakaranai.gif


BoC, 2pints, sounds like you had a great time. Good on ya. Nice, informative and unbiased TR! thumbsup.gif

A friend of mine has been talking up Shigakogen as well. Thanx to him and you guys it might well be the next place on the list!

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I like it too, it is definitely worth a visit.


I think Shiga Kogen and Nozawa are a great combination.

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Hi sendittojack, thanks, glad you liked it.


We organised it totally ourselves 100%.


I can't quite remember the full cost but it wasn't too bad at all, I will have to go back over things for that but got to admit that we weren't penny pinching.


What I would say though - don't be daunted, don't be overwhelmed.

Look on it as an adventure and a fun one.


If you want to go to Japan and speak English all the time, thats fine.

But we totally didn't want to do that, what a waste of an experience.


Contact a load of accommodation places directly - good links on this site (see that big red button at the top).

We went for Japanese-style Japanese-run places because we weren't interested in the gaijin crowd and we wanted to have that something different and really feel like we were in Japan. (You probably got that from our write-up).

The ones listed even Japanese will get back to you in English, give it a try write fairly easy to understand stuff.


Good luck - don't be put off by things, make it a real adventure! You have found the right place, spend time reading up reading reviews, etc. You've got lots of time, sit back and enjoy finding out.



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Sorry for the delay a bit of a busy week.


Here's basically what we did.


Contact hotels directly in simple English.


Get that all planned.


Nagano City > Hakuba = bus, easy enough.

Hakuba > Nagano City = bus, easy enough.

Nagano City > Shiga Kogen = bus.

Shiga Kogen > Snow Monkeys = accommodation bus.

Snow Monkeys > Nozawa Onsen = accommodation bus.

Nozawa Onsen > Nagano City = bus.


All quite simple really. You will probably find that good accommodatiuon will be very flexible and helpful with travel advice and actually taking you places (see Snow Monkeys bit)


Tokyo <> Nagano City is easy because it is the shinkansen bullet train.


That's the basics of it!



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I've just come across this thread, i'm planning a 2/3 trip to Japan this Jan 09 on my tod, hoping to hit a few resorts and have an adventure.


I'll have to get back to the beginning and read it through when i've got more time.


Anyone else planning on a trip this coming season ?


Bring it on !!

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