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did you get many then snowjunky?

I got none.



You got none? :sadface: Do they have them at all in Japan. I guess with different religion it is unlikely.


With 3 kids & six grandkids I got heaps.


Actually GG it you seem so dissapointed that you got none that I went out and bought you one.



and then I ate it :yummy:


Thats just いじめ



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So like a home-made version then.   Sounds good to me.

I was avoiding ramen over summer, just too hot, but got back into it the last few weeks. Miso negi. Can't beat it.

No Easter here, snowjunky.

They don't even know what it is.



its all a load of shite anyway.....well the chocolate eggs are fine of course, but the whole "rising from death and ascending into heaven"........bullshit!


I like Mini-Eggs.....dem are damn good

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Damn that must have been annoying.

And sounds familiar!


Saving those pennies.

Did you get the old "well it's probably made by the same people anyway, just packaged differently, and you can't taste any difference" stock Mum & Dad kind of answer?

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ooh I wish you hadn't posted that chicken vid TB.

Educational but made me feel all squeemish like. Had to turn it off

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