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  1. Difficult to grasp how they are able to do that. Will be interesting to see what they announce tonight/tomorrow.
  2. Oops sorry for the radio silence! Thanks for the replies. Great to get some feedback. Back to the cunning planning.
  3. So many yummy things in there. I'll go back to the original post - I love ice-cream, esp. some Haagen Daaz.
  4. It must have been so scary to experience that lot. I remember being petrified just looking at the news reports.
  5. Didn't find it much hassle when I moved across a few years back. I got used to the new environment pretty quickly, and I'm not particularly tech-minded.
  6. I'd love to get 10 hours a day, but only if there we more hours in the day - don't want to waste them either!
  7. Not into off-pister or backcountry and will be sticking the the courses or thereabouts! is the plan.
  8. Thank you. That map thing is very helpful. Yes we plan to have a car, it seemed to be a much better option just for getting around generally, and like the idea of driving around Japan
  9. Hi there We are thinking of going to some places in Tohoku next season and one idea is to split the skiing/boarding time between Zao and Appi and Shizukuishi. Anyone done that kind of combination before? Sounds like a good plan? Ta! Jay
  10. I regret not going but it wasn't because of the disaster last year. More a case of not being able to get the gang together and get it sorted properly. Starting earlier this time though and there's 3 of us definites. Will be there.
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