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Wonder if they will keep them as they are now or do something with them. Hard to see Game suddenly becoming a success with the way they currently do things. Grim shops. The best bit I saw while I w

Had a go in the shop.

It was... Mario.

Nintendo seem curiously behind the times.


Dunno there. They came out with the Wii, and the motion controls and took the market by storm. MS and Sony couldn't keep up with them in terms of console sales or motion controls.


Nintendo will always do their own thing, and it will usually work out well for them.

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They sold a ton but the Wii seemed outdated almost when it was released.

Comparing the graphics to the xbox and the ps was hazukashii.


Things have usually worked out for them haven't they.

Thing is, things have changed a lot recently.

Whether people are and will be prepared to pay Nintendo prices for games is a question that we don't know the answer to yet.

I know I'm less keen.

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OK had a go on the Wii U yesterday.


Always fun to try a new console.

And Mario was Mario.

And looked much prettier.

Controller is... funky.


Not convinced though and not feeling the need.

I'd take it if someone gave me one though. ;)

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Well how about that then.

Looking back at that comment above :lol:


Santa brought me a Wii U, on the conditions the Wii went to my g/f's young brother.

Seems only fair.



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Yeah you need an sd card and go through the "really easy" - but actually I'm sure it confuses a lot of people - process.

Then on the Wii U you have like a virtual Wii thing going on.

The thing takes a while to set up needs a 1+ hour update before you can start.

I'm sure that is causing more than a few issues today.

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