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  1. Hokkaido Ski Club - offering ski and snowboard lessons in English in Hokkaido - has joined SnowJapan. You can find the information here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-resorts/hokkaido-ski-club
  2. Our Niseko Now reporter has posted a now-traditional monthly recap and we thought it would be good to bring it to the attention of people who may not be reading those reports. This is covering the reports and information from the Niseko area of Hokkaido. And here it is: ------ A look back at the season so far: February 2019 As is tradition, here I look back over February and the season so far. You can follow my reports and snowfall numbers at any time towards the bottom of this page and on the Snowfall Analysis page. February started off really well. I was able to record f
  3. (NISEKO) Jobs Available / Employment Information on jobs available at Freedom Inn in Niseko, Hokkaido can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-general-information/employment-opportunites-at-freedom-inn-niseko
  4. (NISEKO) Jobs Available / Employment Information on jobs available at EA Ski & Snowboard in Niseko, Hokkaido can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-ski-general-information/employment-opportunites-with-ea-ski-and-snowboard-training
  5. Accommodation Information on Pension Fuu in Kutchan, Niseko area, Hokkaido can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/hokkaido/kutchan/pension-fuu
  6. Accommodation Information on Freedom Inn in Kutchan, Niseko area, Hokkaido can be found here: https://www.snowjapan.com/japan-places-to-stay/hokkaido/kutchan/freedom-inn
  7. Hi All, I was wondering if any of you wonderful people live in or own property within the Niseko area? If so I have a few question with regard to owning property and would be most grateful if I could run some questions by you Many thanks
  8. As a lucky recipient of one of the Hanazono Powder Guides “First Tracks Backcountry Tour” giveaway, recently offered by Snow Japan, I herewith gratefully submit my review of the experience- As a bit of preamble to provide some context and a background report on my trip in general, I was boarding with a group of friends in Niseko from February 10th ~ 19th, my second time visiting this region and once again staying in the Niseko Village area of the resort. We landed on snow mid way through an unusually dry spell which had hit this part of Hokkaido. We experienced some spectacular bluebir
  9. My first day of skiing at Hirafu. Overnight we had about 10-15 centimeters. The snow was pretty dry but hard and icy underneath. I just cruised, taking it easy and getting my legs in. photos by Tai. thanks.
  10. This site has helped gather much inspiration for our trips over the last few years.. so figured it was time to contribute back. This is our 4th ski trip to the Hokkaido (consecutive years) and this year we’ve decided to rent a car and try get around to a few more resorts as we’ve loved the smaller/quieter resorts we’ve visited on previous trips. A little background. We are snowboarders....from Aus. Both reasonably competent and love the trees and off piste-- but we are not geared up or have the avalanche knowledge for any serious back country riding. So in resort of off piste or
  11. Two weeks till our 2014 trip and the snow stalking and general frothing at the mouth is in full swing. One of the things I always like to do is start reading the area/avi reports to get an idea of what condition the snow pack is is. This was in today's niseko now avalanche report: "The upper sections of Annupuri West Ridge are often glare ice, ice crust and generally very difficult snow conditions. Yesterday Hirafu Patrol rescued a guided tour customer on West Ridge. This is no place for guides to be taking customers. If you want to ride the west face and sidewalls please take the North
  12. My wife just text me about an avalanche up there, but a quick google search didn't show anything. Anyone else heard abourlt this?
  13. Hi all, I've just arrived in Niseko for the season and I'm new to the area. I've brought with me an empty Snowpulse refillable cylinder, foolishly I thought it would be easy to have this refilled but it is proving not to be - from what I've learnt the only options are scuba shops in Sapporo and Otaru. Does anyone have any experience with getting airbag cylinders refilled locally to Niseko? Thanks.
  14. Is Niseko still the best place to ski compared to other European and American ski resorts? Where is the most reasonable place to stay in Hokkaido and ski?
  15. Interested to see how this turns out. Here's the rules as copied from other threads. Each skijo in the Niseko and nearby area has 5 points to start off with. When you vote, you have to vote one resort up one point and one resort down one point. Only 1 vote per person per day. Must vote based on the vote of the previous voter. When a resort is down to 0, it gets deleted. We end up with a winner! OK so here goes: Kiroro: 5 Niseko Annupuri: 5 Niseko Grand Hirafu: 5 Niseko Hanazono: 5 Niseko Moiwa: 5 Niseko Village: 5 Rusutsu: 5
  16. Hello SnowJapan! Now that the USD:JPY is getting somewhat better, some friends and I from the States are thinking about doing a trip to Japan. We're thinking of doing a trip to the Niseko area with some day trips to other areas as well. My big question though is lodging. I've done a solo trip to Niseko before and so lodging was easy to arrange. I stayed at a pension in Hirafu and it worked out great. For a group of 5 - 10 people what would people recommend? Doing a hotel/pension with 2 people to each room? Rent a condo/apartment? A house? Some of the important facts: * Non
  17. Thought I would start a new thread to chuck in the Niseko photos. Not much snow overnight. Lots of crowds for holiday. Hirafu Village Super Run Skier on Super Run Snowboarder on Super Lineup for Ace #4 lift. Shirakaba
  18. Had an awesome month of skiing in Hokkaido. Snow was fantastic through until about the 20th then had a long unseasonal dry,sunny spell all over Hokkaido for about a week....could sometimes still find pockets of good powder, it just required a lot more work. Many great days spent skiing awesome conditions with loads of awesome people from all around the world. Here is a quick vid of one of my favourite days back on Jan 11 at my Rusutsu. To quote Morten, one of the guys I was riding with that day, "That was one of my top 5 days on Earth." http://vimeo.com/59198262 I am back in the N
  19. Rather than keep pestering Mike with PMs, I thought I'd open this up and ask for any travel suggestions/recommendations on how to get to Kiroro and Rusutsu from Annupuri. I don't have a car so am relying on public transport. Thanks in advance for any help.
  20. What an awesome day, http://www.sj.snowjapan.tv/videos/716/boxing-day-hirafu-12/ then afternoon, I somehow was in time to catch the first triple hooded lift as it opened about 1:15PM, for some more untracked goodness.
  21. Monday 10th December 2012 until Thursday 20th December 2012 The prizes: 10 eight-hour lift ticket vouchers - each one can be exchanged for an 8 hour lift ticket that is valid at the Niseko Hanazono / Niseko Grand Hirafu resorts in Hokkaido this season. Tickets coming to you courtesy of Harmony Resorts. Who can enter? Any active, logged in members of SnowJapanForums can enter this Giveaway. (You need to have made at least a few posts on the Forums, and join in - not just simply register). >> If you are logged in, click here to enter. >> If you need to register, pleas
  22. Has it gone the way of the Hotel Scot? Doesn't seem to appear in any of the early package tour pamphlets.
  23. Just wondering if anyone knowst info on the vertical rise of each lift at Niseko. I have just spent a lot of time on google but to no avail. It is easy to find the total vertical, but I would like to see each lift's vertical if possible. Cheers in advance for any info.
  24. had a great day yesterday, did the Mizuno no Sawa program with ski patrol, then headed to Moiwa. Then spent the evening doing powder laps as it puked snow. and looked like epic times for today with 40cm of fresh overnight. had one run and my binding is broken . Have to wait for parts from USA.
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