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  1. We tend to get around to a few resorts-- so now a days we just buy on the day wherever we have decided to be so we don't waste pre-bought tickets. Never more than a 2 min wait at the ticket counter (with that said in Niseko we started the day at Hanazono and not Hirafu which may be busier) so didn't find it inconvenient. What I can say is that all the large places take credit card-- and I don't remember there being any merchant fees added.
  2. Of course that pretty much applies to everywhere. Yes-- but everything is relative. Although fresh snow is always good some places don't make the most of it - ie don't have good lines, or trees are too tight, or ski patrol will chase you for ducking ropes to get to the goods or it's tracked out in a few hours. At Tomamu there are some fun off-piste runs - nicely spaced trees, good pitch and not too many others to share with. Plus it's all "ski patrol" approved and consequently managed to a certain extent. However it does get snow less often than further west-- so timing is probably
  3. Time this place right and it is good fun. We've been lucky twice - well the second time was planned luck as we decided to head there the day before. There are a few pensions and also a small kwikemart (not next to the pensions) within a 5-10 min drive that are a cheaper option to the resort. And the pension we stayed at did offer transport to train/ski slopes if needed.
  4. Can't comment on the ski touring--- but if you stay around Asahikawa you could easily do both/all… bout an 1 hour drive to Asahidake and Kurodake from there. Obviously this requires a car, but you'd have a lot more to do in the evening (e.g. restaurant choice) if that's important to you. There isn't a whole lot at the base of Asahidake. A few onsen hotels is about it. There is a bit more at the base or Kurodake - but again it's pretty much all onsen hotel and a seico mart.
  5. Thanks for the vid Mike. Only snow I can get right now is vicariously.
  6. How did you manage to land on top of a tree? Mine are normally a result of nose diving into the deeper snow.... which makes for a nice and soft landing. Worst part is normally trying to stand up again. Ah..... fond memories. I miss snow - especially as it's 38deg here today.
  7. That's gold. I've done similar myself a few times (too heavy on the front foot). Enjoy the fresh snow. Very jealous.
  8. Damn. I think anywhere within one hour of the big N is now going to be heading that way . Will be good business running buses/tours…. But I'm sure there will always be empty places for those willing to find it.
  9. All give and take… this site has helped a lot with the trip planning. I love the map resort search function.
  10. Bus to the other side (maybe hanazono) would be the go. Probably empty there.
  11. No problem everyone. In summary…. we visited 9 resorts and had 10 days on the slopes. We stayed at 6 different hotels - with only the first one Niseko way pre-booked. We covered about 2000km in total - but mostly sunny weather made for easy driving on our long days. Didn't find the driving bad at all-- but probably did OD on 7/11 type food (mmmm pork buns). For us the car is definitely the way to go. Was fun re-visiting some old favourites as well as exploring new places. Nice to change it up between staying at ski-jo and in cities too. All up another very fun t
  12. 15/2/14. No new snow overnight so we decided to check out Otaru Tenguyama. It's literally on the edge of town and offers great views back over the city and ocean. It has some decent pitch too. Probably some of the steeper "courses" I've seen in Hokkiado. But alas not that long with only around 450m vertical. The place is definitely more laid of for skiers but we got around OK. Being a bit lower they didn't have as much of the previous days snow we found at Kokosai, and it was a bit heavier. But hey--- still had easy fresh lines (maybe boot deep) on the sides of the runs the day afte
  13. Never thought there could be too much snow. Good stories…. but glad it wasn't me on that bus! I'm grumpy as anything if I don't get food.
  14. We also had no problem finding hotels on the day of or day before in most places too. If we wanted to change area (eg. Tomamu way/ Otaru etc). We'd normally decide the day before if we were going to change area and book online or call ahead before we left so we didn't have to stress after a days riding. Only place that was a little tricky was Kutchan where I had to do some ringing around. But still- found somewhere the night before (and a sat night too) for 12000 for two people. The cities also make for a fun change. Plenty of dining options and site seeing to add to the trip.
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