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  1. Thanks Mamabear. Greatly appreciated!! I hope you enjoy the upcoming season and get load of POW
  2. Just to be clear, we - we being 'SnowJapan' - don't own or manage any property. The idea is about as appealing as something that's not in the least bit appealing. No doubt a search will bring up names of companies that do that though. Good luck. My apologies, I meant Ski Japan.... Late night
  3. send me a PM. I can give you some info that might help. Can I email you instead?
  4. Thanks for the replies. I was wondering what the return on investment was like for properties that you rent out to holiday goers. Obviously being predominantly a ski town, it would only be possible to have the property vacated for large parts of the winter season and then not so much through the summer Months. I was interested to hear about how this worked out for investment properties. The other question I had, was about having a company manage the property for me instead of doing that myself. For example, having someone like hokkaido tracks or snow Japan manage the property and how
  5. Hi All, I was wondering if any of you wonderful people live in or own property within the Niseko area? If so I have a few question with regard to owning property and would be most grateful if I could run some questions by you Many thanks
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