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  1. Thanks gozaimaas. I have a menu bar but it doesn't have an envelope, just a blank profile pic, my name, notifications and sign out. Oh and a search on the right.
  2. Thanks for your help onehunga, still can't find the icon though. SJ-David I have obviously been trying to contact rider69 for the last month privately and although you are an admin you haven't actually been that helpful in doing so. All you've done is remove when I've posted up my contact details - which ok may be your policy but I stated I was fine to have them up their briefly as the PM's weren't working - and told me to contact you... if I knew how to contact people on the forums I wouldn't be having this problem in the first place. I'm not some nube who can't be arsed to figure it out,
  3. Hi mate, Only just seen this post, do you have any cartridges left?! I can't figure out how to message you/contact you privately on this forum though!??!?!
  4. Hi rider69, Just wanted to check in and see if you've got anywhere with chatting to Mammut? Cheers for your help. Steve
  5. Hi rider69, That sounds awesome. Can't figure out how to pm you, instead just drop me a message. (*** rider69 - if you have the cans for him and want to contact let me know and I'll forward on - SJ-David)
  6. Tell me about it, 6 days in Japan and I'm already fully aware! Do you know the name of the scuba shop TubbyBeaverinho (great screen name by the way)? I don't But next time Im passing (it's really near my house) I'll pop in and ask for u That would be awesome mate, thanks!
  7. Tell me about it, 6 days in Japan and I'm already fully aware! Do you know the name of the scuba shop TubbyBeaverinho (great screen name by the way)?
  8. Hi all, I've just arrived in Niseko for the season and I'm new to the area. I've brought with me an empty Snowpulse refillable cylinder, foolishly I thought it would be easy to have this refilled but it is proving not to be - from what I've learnt the only options are scuba shops in Sapporo and Otaru. Does anyone have any experience with getting airbag cylinders refilled locally to Niseko? Thanks.
  9. Hi David, Sorry I never received that email, I won't post stuff for sale up again.
  10. Hey, Sorry, left this for a few days before coming back, but thanks to all for the info.
  11. Hi all, I'm looking for some guidance on the cost of living in Niseko for a seasonaire. I'm heading over this winter for the first time and I had a hunt around, but I've got quite contrasting numbers. So would be great for someone who has spent a season in Niseko during in the last few years to give some definite numbers. I've got housing and job sorted. But would like to know: 1. Cost of food per month 2. Price of a beer in bars 3. Anything else that is significant Thanks. Steve
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