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  1. Originally Posted By: thursday Seriously, I don't give a shit. Shit happens. My skiing will be done and then I die. My son's skiing will be done and then his generation will figure it out. And all this climate change will be small change. Give yourself a rest. This world is bigger than your ego. What if your son decides to be a boarder? Will you give a shit then?
  2. Thanks. Was always wondering if I should head down to South America. A buddy of mine and I plan to visit and board as many continents/land masses (with decent resorts/terrain) as much as we can before we hang up our boards. Went to the Wanaka region in 2006, including some Heli... great terrain, huge mountains, but in terms of snow I've definitely been spoiled in Japan. 2005/2006 was tremendous in Japan too.. with resorts in Nagano/Niigata getting 50cm dumps every other day. On the list: Russia, the Euro Alps, south America.. and of course heli at Valdez and Nepal. Now to find 2 mor
  3. Originally Posted By: kokodoko fly to kashmir ??? ski gulmarg?? Actually, heading there in Feb. Hope to make it back alive.
  4. The snow line is too high in NZ. But it's good to be able to board/ski somewhere when it's summer in the northern hemisphere. How about Argentina/Chile? Can anyone comment?
  5. I have fond memories of tubing down the hills at Grand Haven, Michigan.
  6. Also, check the fine print and see if they cover out of bounds rescue expenses. That's the reason why I went with Yahoo insurance.
  7. Yahoo Premium costs 346 yen a month. You get an extra bunch of services e.g. Read online manga Listen to 50,000 JP songs on soundstation Watch movies (additional fees required) Insurance (additional fees required) Games etc.
  8. Oh yeah, one caveat. You need to sign up as a Yahoo premium member before you can sign up for the insurance coverage.
  9. [video:youtube] A few scenes in there are shot at Asahidake. We saw the Absinthe crew filming Nicolas Mueller and co while we there last season.
  10. Here: https://insurance.yahoo.co.jp/member/pr_cho/special_winter.html Small, Medium and Large sets. Under each: Individual, Husband & Wife, Family Areas covered: hospital fees, death, injury, liability, equipment and even includes rescue/extraction fees!
  11. I've had my studless Blizzaks for 2 seasons. Averaged about 10,000km per season. Should be good for another 1 or 2 seasons.
  12. Originally Posted By: skidaisuki "Rowdy behaviour in public places such as onsens, bars, restaurants and lift lines will not be tolerated" Yes - that one deserves a laugh. Japanese always behave perfectly at izakayas, after all.... Of course. The rowdy hooligans at Izakayas are Japanese speaking 3rd world country Asian foreigners. They are responsible for most of the crimes in Japan too!
  13. I searched for "travel insurance" on the ING website, got directed to the AU site. Checked out their travel insurance policy and the applicants have to be Australian residents. Did I go to the wrong part of the site?
  14. Got a set of Blizzaks. I'm happy with them. Buddy of mine was to lazy to put on snow chains when it got too cold. His car slid and hit an oncoming car at 30kp/h, both cars were totaled but luckily no one was injured. His dealer was pleased though, he bought 2 Touaregs in the span of 6 months. (his insurance premiums soared though)
  15. Snowboard/ski more to help forget the ex.
  16. What Tubby Beaver said. It's not about quantity, but quality. I'll rather go for a smaller number of trips (to good resorts with good snow conditions) vs. a larger number of trips to crappy resorts. GALA is convenient, but not great. So car pooling or discount bus trips are your best best. Students are rich nowadays, I couldn't afford to go more than once a year back when I was a student.
  17. Yahoo Insurance for winter sports includes coverage for rescue (includes Helicopter I guess). Applicants have to be Japan residents though. Anyone know of any insurance companies that offer global coverage for international buyers? We need coverage for the following: 1. Singapore resident - off piste boarding in Japan 2. Singapore and Japan residents - off piste boarding in Gulmarg, India
  18. I have the Gnu Banana Magne Traction. Not sure about the magne traction feature (don't remember the last time I rode on ice...), but the reverse camber definitely allows better floatation in powder. I have the bindings fully centered on the board so that I can ride switch in powder conditions. That wouldn't work as well with a regular board.
  19. It will have no effect on this guy though: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/a...coral-reef.html
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