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  1. hi all just finished a week in niseko, and heading to furano tommorrow for 7 nights, was hoping I could catch up with some fellow boarders to hunt powder when I am there from the 2nd of february.
  2. awesome post BM! hopping on plane tonight from oz, literally bursting at the seams now! will definately make trip when on honshu later in feb nice work. cheers and beers
  3. Originally Posted By: Jynxx It's nearly end of Jan. Were's the bloody snow ... wow im heading to niseko/furano be there on wednesday sweeeeet and from what i am reading on snowjapans daily reports they have had a great strat to season and lets be honest from an australian snowboarder that is EPIC!!!!
  4. ger I think we will never agree on anything but I hope you have a fantastic 2010! remember the aeroguard and yoi shuumatsu wo
  5. I don't think we can blame the US for coercing the world into illegalizing pot to save their cotton industry. Sounds like you just don't like the US (which is fine, but don't distort things.) wow ger! what a stretch that is!!! I have no problem with USA or their citizens I don't care where you are from, what your skin colour is, what religion you follow, it is all irrelevant to me. I was merely posting MY opion!!! personally I think you are the one that has his distortion glasses on, but hey it is a forum and I respect your right to post your opinion. and for the record I don't s
  6. so you don,t think usa can put pressure on another country !!!! please they do it almost everyday of the week. and just for arguements sake in W.A where i live pot is decriminalised. and just for the record yes it is more complex than what i described but that is the basic gist of it.If your interested there are some geat doco's about these specific events I have spoken about. We have hemp production in oz as well and the thc content is almost zero which is why they alow it.
  7. isn't it cool how we can have so many different angles about something that grows out of the ground. christians should be the biggest smokers as god did decide to make it and it has been smoked for medicinal purposes for 1000s of years!!!! by the way the world can thank the good old US of A for the world prettty much illegalising(just made that word up I think) pot, due to it affecting the huge profits made by the moguls controlling the cotton industry as it was found HEMP was far easier to cultivate(as it is a weed after all)than cotton and more effective and lower cost to make uniforms dur
  8. just one more post on the weed! I was simply asking a question! which is what forums are for yes? I'm sure you are all having a pint or two or saki after a full day of hard riding. If there was more weed and less alcohol in the world, we would be living in a much less agressive world! (don't know too many stoners that are geting into fights, driving dangerously, getting home abusing family members etc etc Ya coming to ride powder right... No need for getting pissed and making an arse of yourself!
  9. curiousity has got the better of me! Is the green weed readily available in Japan! and what are the consequences for being caught with it? cheers and beers in advance
  10. ah mother nature taking revenge on the greatest disease this world has ever seen - THE HUMAN BEING
  11. thanks for advice (well most of lol)i'm from oz and we board on ice and -2c here is a cold day. think i'll stick with my burton trenches and have thermals on hand...cheers and beers everyone look forward to shredding come jan hopefuly a month of heaven on a stick!!!!
  12. thanks seemore but i was actually askin a serious questions i suppose i could put lava rocks in my jocks
  13. hello everyone just wondering if a good idea to have insulated snowboard pants in japan heading to niseko, furano and hakuba in jan thru feb. cheers and beers
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