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  1. Originally Posted By: RobBright Asked SJforums and he said he was ok with this. The only catch being that the seats are unreserved on the shinkansens. A small price to pay. Thanks for pointing those out. But there's another catch - the return ticket is only valid for that day. It's a 1-day deal, as you said.
  2. Originally Posted By: me jane Does anyone know of such a thing in Japan. I mean like in the UK you can just order from Tesco's at work and when you get home (or the next day) all your stuff will be waiting for you outside your house in a special box thingy. I know the Co-op does something in Japan but everyone I know who uses it says it's very complicated with hundreds of different catalogues and delivery days and you have to know 3 weeks in advance what you are going to eat for dinner on any given night. I just want a normal online grocery store so I can order at work and find the stuff
  3. Originally Posted By: Hokkaidough My head hurts this morning. Any good remedies? First of all, you should try to commit to memory how you're feeling now, so that you won't overindulge next year. Then, if you can stand the noise from a food processor, you can try this hangover-relief shake. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/life_and_style/food_and_drink/recipes/article5388390.ece
  4. Originally Posted By: thursday Some advice I read from an inbound ski tour operator, not hard to guess who. Respect your hosts � Learn a few simple Japanese words before arriving as a little can go a long way. � Remove your shoes when entering homes and some restaurants. � Be polite and courteous to shop owners and accommodation managers. � Rowdy behaviour in public places such as onsens, bars, restaurants and lift lines will not be tolerated. � Chopsticks etiquette: Do not hold the chopsticks between your teeth, use your chopsticks like drumsticks, stand your chop
  5. For reasonable rates at a location close to the Yamanote Line, I recommend the Shihagawa Prince. It's right across from Shinagawa Stn. Pluse the Prince Hotels have their own ski packages.
  6. I C. Sorry, my bad. Congratulations, Australia.
  7. Originally Posted By: resortguy Problem with them is so so big, the Smith one I had previously. Maybe they changed since then My Swanns are regular sized. But my glasses are wire rim, don't know how well the goggles work with framed glasses.
  8. Originally Posted By: Mantas Aussies back on top. World mens champions Mick Fanning. World women champion Stephanie Gilmour. Reminds me of the good ol days. Kintaro- I'd love to watch the Eddie and Pipe. I rather do that than tickets to the superbowl. I was going to congratulate you/your country but when I checked, I found out that Greg Long from California won the event. Nice try, though. Anyway, those giant waves were a nice distraction while waiting for the snow. But now that snowfall is imminent, between the North Shore and Niskeo, I would choose....Shiga Kogen, becaus
  9. I have a pair of Swanns that fit over glasses that cost about 7,000 yen. They work well.
  10. If skiing is your main purpose, then staying in the main SK area would be much more convenient/satisfactory. However, if you want the ryokan/monkey park experience with a side ski trip, Yudanaka would be more enjoyable. IMO.
  11. Originally Posted By: muikabochi Hopefully this weekend though hmmmmm. Still feels like autumn It reached 19 degrees in Tokyo yesterday. It felt like early spring. I have to admit it felt good and a lot of people were enjoying the nice weather, but I'm looking forward to snow in Tokyo. It hasn't really snowed here for the past 2 years.
  12. From the Eddie Aikau Surf Competition this week at North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii (Which would you choose, Niseko or North Shore?)
  13. The Silver Season This movie is about 2 years old, I think. Spectacular opening shots - see it on a large, wide screen if you can. The movie is so so, but okay if you like skiing. Available at Tsutaya video rental, unfortunately no English subtitles. (Sorry, don't know how to embed video.)
  14. As Skidaisuki says, it's mostly lower end gear from past seasons, but prices are pretty good. Mostly snowboarding but some ski stuff, too. Lots of clothes if you need that. The next festa will be in Act City, Hamamatsu on Dec. 5 & 6, then Nagoya Dome, Nagoya, Dec.12 & 13, Toki Meese, Niigata, on Dec. 19 & 20, Maronie Plaza, Tochigi on Dec. 26 & 27, Saitama Super Arena on 1/3 & 4, and back to Tokyo Big Site on 1/8, 9, & 10. You need to hang around for long time if you want to get in on the drawings. Don't know if it's worth it. Can be crowded at the beg
  15. Originally Posted By: noonsa Yes, go to the store for fitting. Then buy on Rakuten. Prices on Rakuten are easily 30% cheaper than what you get in the stores. If you're lucky the prices can be almost in line with US prices! But if the store is busy, don't waste the salesman's time. He's trying to make a living. You wouldn't want to be jerked around in your job, would you? If you guys are around next weekend, you might want to check out Big Site on Odaiba for the Winter Sports Festa. A lot of snowboard stuff but skis/ski boots available, too. Click the square on the bottom left
  16. If you go to Iwappara, be sure to bring your own gloves and goggles. They aren't part of the rentable gear, and the ones for sale in the small shop are horrible, and expensive.
  17. I don't know if this was brought up before, but depending on the hotel you use, ski gear might be included for free or at a good discount. Also, wouldn't you need to buy new ski boots for kids every year? They grow so fast.
  18. If you're desparate and don't have all day, you could go to Snova: http://www.snova246.com/
  19. Here's a link to the Gala website: http://www.galaresort.jp/winter/english/ The JR Gala package deals don't include complete rental, just a 20% discount. The cheapest package is a half-day deal that includes a lift ticket for 8500 yen. The cheapest one-day deal that includes lift ticket and rental discount is 13,000 yen weekday, 14,300 yen weekend/holidays. Japanese link to the JR booking company: http://www.travel.eki-net.com (No English)
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