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  1. Well done Tubby - I am proud of you. To many people would have just looked the other way and kept going.
  2. Hey KD I'll be there in 20 days will you still be there?? We could met up??
  3. This thread has been a little slow over the last few days. I will fly the flag and try to bring some photo's and reports when I arrive in 2 weeks
  4. WOW once again Mike you have totally excelled with those photo's. Thanks for sharing - Loving this thread!
  5. YEP still bucketing with rain, we had about 500mm last night and the night before. Everywhere is flooded. Guess I will get the day off as I am flooded in YAHOO - Day off today, Tomorrow is a public holiday and if the rain keeps up that will mean Friday off as well EXTRA LONG WEEKEND!!!
  6. Chriselle just dump him !! My husband tells me every year that I am TO SLOW and that he is going off to do his own thing. So him and my friends all disappear and I spend the day exploring and making friends and then go and a have a drink by myself to celebrate my acheivements for the day. Maybe just tell him you'll meet him every couple of hours and do a couple of runs with him. He'll enjoy that.
  7. HEAVY HEAVY Rain, Flooding and severe thunderstorms. Should be a great day!!
  8. I haven't seen anything new posted on him for AGES. I LOVE PAN-KUN and don't forget James his dog, so cute.
  9. We found a great real estate agent in Furano with a building that was to good to be true. Unfortunately our bank wouldn't lend us the money for overseas investment. I was also told that the locals will support locals before they support international business's
  10. I AM A WINNER!!! I don't get to say that EVER!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I would like to thank Harmony Resorts, SnowJapan, Japan Airlines (for getting me to Japan to use my pass) and of course my guardian angel, my agent, my make up artist mmm sorry just getting a little silly now!! THANKS GUYS
  11. Wahoo just entered my FIRST give away - SO EXCITED - Hanazono is the home of HOT WINE oh yes and the first area I went off piste and of course GREAT SNOW!! Have I sucked up enough
  12. Wow that's unbelievable. I noticed there are quite a few rumblings again at the moment.
  13. Thanks for the photo's muikabochi they're great. They say "Small things amuse Small minds and I have been giggling my head off with muikabochi in the snow. I WANT ONE!!!!
  14. WAHOOO Mike is in Niseko!! Great photo's and love the reports. Hope you are there when we get there so we can catch up for that drink
  15. Hey there Mama bear - Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and the family. Green with envy reading about your trip, no really, glad to hear your having a good time. How long are you there for??
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