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  1. As for me, there won't be any broken limbs or bones... just a giant snowball I still want to try, someday, but definitely not now
  2. Nice slo-mo! I like the head mounted part. Everything just twisted, strange but beautiful with the music.
  3. Thank you all for the advices. Maybe I made too much change on the angle of right foot. I'll try 18/-6 later with difference stance width. Jynxx is right, I was a little scared, and put too much weight on the tail side, perhaps that's why I just felt uncomfortable with my uphill leg
  4. I'm just a beginner in regular, and having some trouble with my fakie. I thought that a ducky stance would be more easier for fakie. So I changed from 18/6 to 15/-15 and went to try on the snow. After several forward runs, my right knee felt really uncomfortable and even ached sometimes. What's problem? Please give me some advice, thanks.
  5. As a beginner, I've gone to Hakuba Goryuu once, and I like the view at the summit.
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