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  1. Pretty nice connection there stemik! How much per month you paying, if you don't mind me asking?
  2. Does anyone know 志村けんのバカ殿様? (Ken Shimura's Baka Tonosama) This guy is a Japanese comic legend. funny stuff. I got the Box Set for Christmas.
  3. Domokun, that is a major bummer! Mine is bearable. Had the bloke from the cable company over the other day, hes measuring up the whole village for fibre optic lines. Ready for operation next year! woohoo!
  4. Merry Christmas all, and a Happy New Pow! Its good to hear about the rain back home. Its been hard going for a long time for a lot of folks. Working on 25th-27th. Bounenkai on 28th, then a week off in Osaka from 29th! w00t. Gonna try some boarding in Hyogo-ken too. Should be interesting.
  5. Mantas, I'm definitely gonna give it a go next time. I might try a top of the shoulder thing if the hand doesnt work out. I'm only riding in one direction atm so it might be ok. Did you have your cam strapped to your trailing arm, or were you riding switch?
  6. awesome stuff. beats trying to hold a digicam steady with one hand!
  7. Otaku is a whole other level in my book. These guys/girls can be downright creepy. Not all of them, of course but the ones I had contact with (in Nova) freaked me out sometimes. I made the mistake of finding a common interest with this one guy and he creeped me the fjork out! I've never really come across a western version of Otaku... Its a special class for sure and I really don't think you can be Otaku unless you are Japanese. MAybe thats a good thing
  8. Originally Posted By: warhawk Ok mine is a wax candle I made in homage to Invader Zim. Better change that to WAS. Evil Monkey rocks!
  9. Originally Posted By: SG I wouldnt associate Geek with playing music though. Dont forget the "freaks" - Fattwins is a "gear-freak" You may be right, SG, but I can talk about effects chains and tweak settings on an amp or synth-effects rack from night until i see daylight outside... People not of the same ilk tend to get bored with me pretty quick! Maybe this could be considered geeky.. Dunno, I just do it.
  10. I have Masamune Shirow's intron depot book. I like appleseed. And I've seen a bit Kirshiro's other stuff like Ashen Victor (which is in the same universe as Gunnm) but I like him purely for Gunnm, its what got me into anime/manga.
  11. Instruments? Guitar, bass, and drums. Lately I've been doing a bit of synth/Kbds for laying some stuff down on PC.
  12. thats one bizarre car shape. Can anyone hazard a guess at what make of car that is?
  13. I think there is but it would be not much of a distinction. Maybe you could say that nerds are the folks that study all the time. Geeks are the ones with the "weird" hobbies....?
  14. Its a hard thing to define! I would say that a geek is into things that most, lets call them "mainstream" folks, aren't. Its a very broad definition, but its a broad base of interests. Sometimes a "geek" will be sooo into something that it willt overshadow other aspects of life. The Japanese Otaku is this kind of geek. Its a much stronger/negative aspect of Geekery. I would call myself a geek (and not be ashamed) cos I love computers. A lot. I like information. I want to learn everything. I have many hobbies, and enjoy them all. I remember being called a geek in highschool because
  15. What if you painted them a lurid pink, would they still get taken?
  16. Life Aquatic's portugese David Bowie soundtrack was great! Two films you should not die before watching are Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch. Excellent Guy Ritchie films. Before Madonna did his head in and ruined his skills.
  17. I've been in love 4 times. Of course with my girlfriend who is an absolute angel. I was in love with my first motorbike as well. Said girlfriend was jealous for a while I am constantly in love with curry. And last but not least, my snowboard!
  18. Nerd Test! You certainly can be called a manga otaku if you know what Battle Angel Alita or Ghost in the Shell is. any takers?
  19. Yeah Grave of the Fireflies is a bit of a gut-wrencher, isn't it. Gut-wrencher or tear-jerker? they both make sense don't they?
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