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  1. Austrian downhill skier Matthias Lanzinger will have his leg amputated after a terrible accident during a downhill race in Kvitfjell, Norway. Ouch. Let's hope he gets ok quick.
  2. I reckon Ninja Gaiden Sigma is better than Devil May Cry. Great game.
  3. I once told my gf who I was about to break up with that I was going skiing when actually I was meeting another girl. I felt bad. But good.
  4. How about a bring mellow-mite to Niseko fund rather than someone who doesn't even seem keen. I'm already very keen and want to experience it. Cheers.
  5. My first time was about 5 years ago, I took the family to Whistler. We all loved it so much I need to try places out every winter now. Japan for the first time this coming winter.
  6. I have been skiing badly for the last 4 seasons. My first trip to Japan coming in February! Thanks to this site actually. It's really fantastic.
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