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  1. just curious, how reliable are the snow-forecast.com predictions for snow. The numbers seem to fluctaute quite regularly (almost hourly).
  2. the Jorudan site is much easier to understand for us foreigners than the Hyperdia site. and just in time for my trip tommorow! thanks
  3. do you NEED luggage transfer? just curious, how much space do they have on the trains for luggage?
  4. i have emailed them "apparent_best_skier" but they havent replied to my email (which i sent two days ago). Hence why i am asking people on this site. It really doesnt seem like you have much productive to say so why dont you just say nothing at all?
  5. moving on: anyone know how much notice you have to give evergreen for a ski lesson? the trusty gf has only skied a couple of times so could probably do with the lessons
  6. Guys, a quick one. Do most resorts offer ski lessons in both english and japanese?? We are heading to Hakuba and my girlfriend is a beginner (skied three times before but wants to get better).. Or will we have to get private lessons??
  7. Okay now that you guys have sorted me out in regards to getting to Hakuba, here comes my next question. Where is the best place to get GOOD QUALITY snowboard rentals in Hakuba?? I have contacted Spicy Rentals but am told that they rent only beginner non-brand boards. I am looking to hire a good quality branded board, not a beginner board. Any help would be great
  8. the taxi cost $100.00 for two of us, which works out to be about 9,500Y. Im happy to pay for that just for peace of mind, knowing that i am able to get to Hakuba and be able to get on the snow first thing the next morning. We got the rail pass because we are staying in Tokyo for two days after staying in Hakuba. So with that option it prob is worth it. But yeah you are right, the rail pass isnt cheap and wouldnt be worth it at all if i was staying only in hakuba..
  9. thanks kraut.. with the advice given here i quickly realise that getting from Nagano to Hakuba by bus is going to be an impossible task. so i called my travel agent who has reserved me a taxi to take me from nagano to hakuba when i arrive.. thank god!
  10. yeah if my plane lands at 5.10pm then by all likelihood i am not going to get to Nagano until the later part of 9pm. I already have accommodation booked at the 'Hotel De Laile (?)' so it might be worth asking them if they can help out. Maybe staying at Nagano overnight might end up being the best bet...
  11. Thanks for all the advice guys. I have bought the flexi rail pass so the train is already paid for, so will just go for that. From what i can see in your replies, it should be pretty straight forward (or at least more so than i thought after trying to decipher the train lines from the JR website!). HawaiiBoarder, i look forward to having the weird stares from westerners, it will prob be a highlight of my trip haha! TJ_OZ, what is a bento box??? I wont get to Nagano till after nine so will definately look at sharing a taxi. How much am i looking at?? Thanks again for the advice g
  12. yeah i would stay in tokyo if i was staying longer but im not in town very long and want to make the most of my time on the snow. Ill just have to do my best with what ive got when i fly in. I read the fingerprinting posts.. what do you think is a reasonable timeframe to get bags and get through customs??
  13. So here it is. I have looked on hyperdia.com to find the best route from Tokyo Narita to Hakuba for my trip, and well, it seems confusing to say the least. All i want to know is how hard is it likely to be for a completely non-japanese-speaking australian to find his way from the airport to tokyo. I also heard that certain train/bus services finish at certain times of the night??? Here are some details which might make it easier for someone nice here to help me out. 16th January: I arrive at Narita at 5.10pm (yes i read the topic on being fingerprinted and plan on doing my best
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