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  1. I have entered about 10 so far but not won anything yet unfortunately. They're a really great idea though, I won't give up yet.
  2. Quote: I guess there is the possibility they could convert to terrorism while living in Japan. Being foreigners, very probable. That or just commit other crimes.
  3. Anyone seen one of those cheerleader competitions on the tv here? Take it very seriously. All very cheesy if you ask me.
  4. Wow things were a bit heavy when I posted that!! It's still all very interesting though.
  5. I was just reading some theories about the universe, and they made me realize that we really know nothing at all. We humans are creatures whose lives are dominated by an endless curiosity about our own existence. All science, all philosophy, all literature and other forms of art, all religions, everything we do outside of trying to ensure our own survival, is all based on our drive to understand ourselves and the purpose of our existence. Yet we don't understand anything at all. We have no satisfactory answer to the question of what the purpose of life is, nor do we know what is the true
  6. I have a friend in Morioka and so I will be visiting him and going to Appi this winter. He knows someone with a pension up there and so got it all sorted with no hassle. Really looking forward to it.
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