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  1. I saw this on BBC's website today. Things aren't looking to good at the minute over there. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6185345.stm
  2. Go Firefox. Much more useful, and doesn't clutter up with multi windows- organises them into tabs.
  3. ah ok, thanks for the prices. I'll be sticking with my gameboy for now then. I can see the PS3's resemblance to a grand piano, lol!
  4. listening right now to "Rise Against", but as well as them I always have "Reggie And The Full Effect" on my mp3 player. Check 'em.
  5. ah thanks for the good advice and idea on clothing price. looks like i will be getting the boots posted- maybe invest in a shiny new board...! thanks you guys,
  6. likewise- coming Hakuba in January and live in thailand. want to know if its worth the effort and cost to get my boots and bindings posted out, costing about 25GBP or just rent. Draexin, when you say you've checked out the local store- is that one in hakuba yeah? any info on that would help me out a bunch, maybe pickup a new board.. Thanks in advance!!
  7. hi, ok for new members to drop by? I may just be in hakuba then.. bye! fred
  8. that's brilliant!! make sure you watch the video of the science behind it: http://www.globalorgasm.org/demo.html
  9. now that i think about it, this has got be among my favourite bond movies, and did quite a good job of bringing Fleming's origonal Casino Royale novel into the present century.
  10. Daniel Craig is a top quality actor.. come on, Brosnan, he never really seemed to be the secret agent type. I enjoyed the much more grittier Bond movie, but missed the large baddy's hideouts under mountains etc.
  11. I'm interested too in Burton gear, or any, to be fair! Would be great to know where to go for gear in Japan, and prices, or is it best to buy online and get it shipped? I live in Bangkok, and oddly enough have never found a snowboard shop. Thanks,
  12. hello, I've been teaching in Bangkok but just need to break out of the heat and get in the mountains! I've just started looking into Japan, and am getting very excited, as I havn't been on the snow since my last season in 2004! How may the conditions/prices be in late January? Also, what sort of prices am I looking at for the Shiga-Kogen area? Thanks for any help, fred
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