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  1. son no.1 has a fresh red jacket! looks sick! hope you had a good new year
  2. its absolutely spewing from the heavens here in niseko.. im excited!!
  3. its snowing again!!! YAYAYAYAY!!! puking down, please oh please keep it up all night as i have a mountain tour to do in the morning!!
  4. dude that sucks if it makes you feel better my shins are really sore?
  5. ahh thanks for the articles, i was told otherwise about shin splints. this is defiantly not what i needed.. ffs thanks though, i will keep you posted. Time for an onsen!
  6. lol they are brand new boots.. lange freeride, and they fit really well! shin splints is when your shin has cracks in it, my shin bone isn't sore, its the muscle next to it its snowing outside and i dont wanna miss tomorrow - thanks for the reply though daver
  7. Hey guys, I have a really sore shin muscle, and i'm wondering if there is anything i can do to help it. it's a really hard muscle to stretch.. and i don't know what has caused it. any help would be great.. as the snow is starting to spew down and i dont wanna miss out!!
  8. first day - 17th of November last day - 26th of feb yay for still being at uni
  9. Are you skiing niseko? if so, i have tomorrow off, and wll gladly come for a ski!
  10. Quote: The nearest ATM to Niseko is in Kutchan at the post office. Use the machine on the left side (there are two machines as you walk in). Make sure you have a normal shaped card though as it won't work with some of the newer shaped cards like the Virgin one that has one corner tapered off. The best thing to do is just bring plenty of cash for your daily needs. [/QB] The ATM on the right hand side also works
  11. Quote: Originally posted by Creek Boy: PEs definitely arent enough for Niseko - fork out the cash and you'll be happier. Where are the Seths? At 343 at the bottom of the hill or Takiguchi's in Kutchan? Thought they had some Maden AKs for bout that price in Kutchan...have a look. Takiguchi's! You say there's a set for sale cheaper here in Hirafu? hmmm ill go have a look around. the good thing with the PEs is i can turn them in the pow... i dunno if the seth will be too heavy for me, im only a light weight - 60 kilos. however i will hire a set out, see how i like them and go from t
  12. its all mounted now, been ridden on a few times here in niseko. i need a longer set of skis! Might buy some 05/06 seths that are for sale in the town for 40,000 yen ( 400 aussie dollars )
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