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  1. What really surprised my about the Galaxy is that it's priced well above the iPad, even though it's smaller. Since it can't support Android 3 (Honeycomb) I can't see much future for it. I would rather wait a few weeks till 3.0 comes out and then chose. I would also go rather for a 10" screen. 7" it's too small as a work tool, for simple email etc. I use my iPod Touch. iPad2 will probably be announced within the next 3 weeks too.
  2. Originally Posted By: Curt The IT Crowd. It's a UK comedy sitcom kind of thing - hit and miss but some good laughs. I D/L an episode from Channel 4. Was OK. I also got the last few Minutes of a "Peep Show" episode, that was hilarious. Will get more of those.
  3. V (Cool US SciFi weekly, season 2 just started last week.)
  4. Originally Posted By: thursday it's only recently that Europe have cotton on. And even so, it's not widely used there at all (in Restaurants). I wish you were right. Even in the EU you need to go to 'better' places coz many places don't make food by themselves anymore and use 'convenience' products. When you buy ready made, microwave, instant food in EU/US it will be very hard to avoid. In the US I saw some Asian restaurants that advertise with "No MSG Added". This is good, but then, in the USA most (western) restaurants belong to one franchise or another, and they use lots of ready
  5. MSG is a synthetic food additive which is mainly used in processed foods. MSG There are some very polarized discussions about dangers or non-dangers of MSG. For me, good food simply does not need it.
  6. Monosodium Glutame, which is everywhere and makes my skin itch. Or worse when they overdose.
  7. Originally Posted By: Black Mountain Are you skiers or boarders? I always like to spend a day at 47/Goryu which are a short shuttle bus away. How you compare Happo and Goryu? I always plan to spend a day in Goryu, but so far never did. I think there is a lift pass that covers both, the just Happo pass is slightly cheaper though. What I like most in Happo is the long roads through the forest. Not too fast, but relaxing to slide down.
  8. From a visitors eye.... Likes: Cleaner then clean. Everything works. Great for shopping. Whatever product, the quality is perfect. Everything is organized. Perfect food quality. Good hotels (ok, small rooms, but good price) Best ski in Asia. Dislikes: Smoking allowed in restaurants. Travel can be expensive. Locals seem to ignore foreigners.
  9. Muji has some nice and stylish transparent boxes with drawers which is perfect for small stuff, earrings etc. . Quite useful if the gal is the organized type.
  10. How about something for the kitchen? A toaster or a rack to dry the dishes?
  11. Originally Posted By: thursday almost bought one of them. Went for the sony instead. What model? Did it fix well to the helmet?
  12. Alternative: A waterproof camcorder such as Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA100 or DMX-CG100 They are small and should not be too difficult to fix them to a helmet. They can be even used for modest underwater pix. Cost around Y 20,000 on kakaku
  13. Let's have a look at some points: No junk mail thumbsup Well, I got a lot in my physical mailbox then. The trucks are not allowed to overtake on Autobarn and sticks to the slowest lane thumbsup They are allowed to overtake, but they do have to stick generally to the slow. Aldi thumbsdown thumbsdown and so do the shops and supermarkets. thumbsdown Not sure what you look for. Aldi has certainly a narrowed selection. "Normal" markets have way more stuff. price of food (fruit and veg, fish) thumbsdown What you compare it to? DE is certainly much cheaper then HK or JP.
  14. Originally Posted By: thursday Boney M were Germans no? Sort of. Boney M was a synthetically created group just like The Monkeys or The Sex Pistols. It was invented and produced by Frank Farian (which also created Milli Vanilli). The main "singer" (Bobby Ferrel (sp?)) was Dutch, however, he didn't sing at all. It was the voice of Farian. I find Germany cool: Best cars Nice to drive Good location with easy access to plenty of EU countries Close to good good ski resorts Cool music Best döner in the world Best breads Aldi Yes, TV is mostly dubbed, but sometimes it's two
  15. Originally Posted By: Jynxx +1 Considerable danger out there NOW. Ski in general is dangerous. Last time when I was in Hakuba my daughter had an accident and I had to bring her to the clinic (Shitani or so). The waiting room had plenty of ski/snowboard people, 10-15 I would say. After that day we all use helmets.
  16. Hey thanks! With that info I can get cool youtube videos! Really impressive! And cool to see how they keep it that way:
  17. 11 is still baby size. I have US 13 (or 30.5 in ski language). I sometimes email the ski rental and so far it was no problem to get me boots. However, they may not have many pairs at hand. But each ski place has several rental shops. I tested: Hakuba/Spicy Hakuba/Rainbow Niseko/One rental right at the lift Nozawa/One rental right at the lift 11 should be much easier.
  18. I found this article in a German Newspaper about 17m snow in "the Japanese Alps" (no location given other then Honshu). Is that real or what? That particular newspaper is not known for the accuracy. http://www.bild.de/BILD/news/2010/12/30/...ende-fotos.html PS: am just back from Sölden in Austria. Have to say I can't see too much difference with Hakuba. Both offer excellent quality. Sölden has a better Apre Ski though.
  19. Originally Posted By: TJ OZ Cathay have the best economy class that I have been on. The shell seats with power supply and very good inflight entertainment make for a very comfortable ride. I would choose them above all others. Pro (in eco): Power supply in seat for notebooks HUGE video list Videos can be stopped at your choice Videos with F words still have them in it. Cons (in eco): In the new seat system the back rest does not move back (which I appreciate if I got a moron in front of me), but the ass rest moves forward, which is ok if you are under 1.5m tall, otherwise you
  20. Originally Posted By: thursday apparently, this is true. It happens mostly when you hold it in your left hand. The antennae bit is affected most that way. Solution? get a case for it. Basically you short circuit the antenna as its base. The issue is really shortcutting and not shielding. Solutions: Hold it differently Use a cover Cover that antenna area with some scotch tape I would do the last one and would use some transparent scotch tape. If you got an i4 and want to try that, use brand tape (3M, Scotch, Tesa) and not some no name shite were the tape comes off
  21. I wouldn't say it cracks me up, but I get amazed by their strange advertising methods.
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