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  1. Hi everyone I've booked a 3 week trip to Niseiko in January and although I have my own gear, I am taking my 14yr old son and am unsure on the best approach regarding a couple of things and I'd really appreciate your help. 1. Is it best to hire or buy for a 3 week trip (boots and skis) for my son? 2. What do you suggest for lift passes for 3 weeks to keep costs reasonable? We plan on skiing Rusutsu at least 3 times as well as Moiwa a few times. Should I be purchasing these soon. 3. If we take a share a small apartment with friends, is it best to purchase food/supplies at Kutchan
  2. There is an option on most modern cameras when shooting RAW to also capture in JPG. If you want to post/upload photos and don't want to work them in photoshop then set the JPG capture to small or medium - plenty big enough to view here and have everyone drooling. If you have large files and want to upload them, download a simple program for resizing (there are plenty of free apps out there) and set the horizontal length to 600 pixels. This will give you the perfect size files for viewing and small enough for very quick uploading - around 200k. Hope that helps and keep posting those p
  3. Thanks for the great tips - I wasn't expecting pizza as a suggestion that's for sure!
  4. I'll be making my first ever trip to Japan in February and can't wait to experience the food as much as the skiing. Are there any particular foods, dishes or drink that I must try?
  5. Thanks for all the tips - looks like it's Uggies and blundstones for me. The Sorels look the goods but probably won't get much use back home.
  6. Hi Guys I have my first trip to Japan coming up in February and was hoping for some advice on what to pack for footwear when not on the slopes - do I need anything special? If so, should I be buying or hiring here in Australia or in Niseiko? Thanks
  7. I'll be making my first ever ski trip OS - to Japan - in February and have been advised (by the local ski store owner) that a roller bag to fit skis, boots and a heap of clothing is the best way to go. At around $300 I was hoping for some advice from anyone here before spending. What do you do when travelling?
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